2023 CCA @ Malone University
Dates: 5/12/2023 - 5/13/2023


Malone University in Canton Ohio - May 12-13, 2023


Tournament Director:  Betty Besse  email:  bettybesse@gmail.com

Tournament Location:

Malone University

2600 Cleveland Avenue NW

Canton, OH 44709

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Tournament Fees:

Team Debate


Varsity IE


Junior IE

$30/1st Event, $5/each additional event



 Events Offered:


Team Debate

Varsity I.E.

Limited Preparation Events:

News Analysis


Extemporaneous Apologetics

Public Address Events:



Interpretation Events:


Dramatic Interpretation


JV Informative

JV Prose

Junior IE

JR Prose

  • Sweepstakes:  Available to Varsity competitors ages 14-18. To be eligible for Sweepstakes competition, the competitor must compete in three Individual Events (I.E.) consisting of one event from each genre (Interpretation, Limited Preparation, and Public Address)
  •  I.E. Entry Limits:

o   Each Varsity competitor is limited to participation in a total of three Individual Events.  These events can be from the same or different genres.

o   Each 13-year-old Varsity competitor is limited to participation in a total of two Individual Events.  (Thirteen-year old competitors are not eligible for Debate.)

o   Impromptu: Beginning with the 2022 season, Varsity students will be limited to two consecutive seasons of competing in Impromptu at one or more CCA tournaments per season.  

This means that if you competed in impromptu last year, this is your only other year you can compete in impromptu. If this is your first year competing in impromptu, you will only be able to compete in impromptu this year and next.

o   Each Junior Varsity and Junior competitor is limited to one Individual Event.

  •  I.E. Competitor Divisions and Event Eligibility are available here.

  •  SCRIPTS must be submitted at check-in for Interpretation (Prose & Dramatic Interp) and Public Address (Informative & Persuasive) events.  See the IE Criteria & Competitor Standards for what is required in a Script Submission.

  •  JV and Junior events will take place on Friday only. There are only 2 rounds of Junior Prose.


Emergency Phone Numbers – during tournament only:

Tournament Director (TD):        Betty Besse (234-203-1512)

Assistant TD:                                  Robert Smith (440-665-1006)

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