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a comprehensive software package for managing speech tournaments including Debate, Individual Events, Congress, Rooms, Judges, Fees, Results, Sweepstakes, Tabulation, and much more.
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Future High School Tournaments
State Tournament Dates
CAWest Los Angeles NSDA District3/27 - 3/29
IAGreat Midwestern Novice & JV Debate Cham...3/27 - 3/29
TXThe Hockaday Women's Round Robin3/28 - 3/29
KYKESDA Sr State (Re-schedule)3/29 - 3/30
TXTexas Longhorn NSDA District Congress 4/2
TXSpace City NSDA District Congress4/2
TXEast Texas NSDA District Congress4/2
MSMagnolia NSDA District Speech4/2 - 4/3
ARArkansas NSDA District4/3 - 4/4
IDDistrict 3 Speech4/4
IDDistrict IV Speech4/4
AZPhoenix Rotary 100 Contest4/6
MOHeart of America NSDA District Congress4/7
NVGolden Desert NSDA District4/9 - 4/11
SDNorthern South Dakota NSDA District Cong...4/10
IDIHSAA State Speech4/10 - 4/11
COColorado NSDA District4/10 - 4/11
FLFFL Novice State4/10 - 4/11
CORocky Mountain South NSDA District4/10 - 4/11
AR2015 ACTAA Tournament of Champions4/10 - 4/11
SDRushmore NSDA District Congress4/10
NVNDCA Championships4/10 - 4/13
KSSunflower NSDA District Speech4/10 - 4/11
TNTennessee NSDA District Congress 4/11
CASierra NSDA District Congress4/11
CACapitol Valley NSDA Congress4/11
CASpartan Aloha Classic @ Schurr HS4/11 - 4/12
FLSouth Florida NSDA District Congress4/14
KSKansas Flint Hills NSDA District4/14 - 4/18
FLBroward Novice #8 - After School4/15
TXLone Star NSDA District Debate/Extemp/Co...4/16 - 4/18
ALAlabama State4/16 - 4/18
TXSpace City NSDA District4/16 - 4/18
KSWest Kansas NSDA Speech4/17 - 4/18
KSThree Trails NSDA District4/17 - 4/18
TXTexas Longhorn NSDA District Debate4/17 - 4/18
KSSouth Kansas NSDA District Speech4/17 - 4/18
TXHeart of Texas NSDA District4/17 - 4/18
VAVirginia NSDA District Debate 4/17 - 4/18
WISouthern Wisconsin NSDA District4/17 - 4/18
KSEast Kansas NSDA District4/17 - 4/18
CACHSSA State4/17 - 4/19
FLCFDI Championship @ Apopka4/18
OKWest Oklahoma NSDA District Congress4/18
TXCentral Texas NSDA District Congress4/18
INNorthwest Indiana NSDA District Congress4/18
ORNorth Oregon NSDA District Congress4/18
MIMichigan NSDA District Debate4/18
MSMHSAA State Championship4/24 - 4/25
MIMichigan NSDA District Speech4/25
TXGulf Coast NSDA District4/30 - 5/2
TXSouth Texas NSDA DistrictTournament4/30 - 5/2
ALWilliam F. Vance Inv5/2
TXLone Star NSDA District Speech/Interp5/2
CASCDL Novice Champs @ Arroyo/Gabrielino5/15 - 5/16
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