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a comprehensive software package for managing speech tournaments including Debate, Individual Events, Congress, Rooms, Judges, Fees, Results, Sweepstakes, Tabulation, and much more.
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a Windows application that revolutionizes tab room operation.
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Future High School Tournaments
State Tournament Dates
NVGolden Desert NSDA3/30 - 4/1
KSSunflower NSDA LD/PF3/31 - 4/1
KSThree Trails NSDA Congress3/31 - 4/1
ARACTAA State Speech & Debate Championship3/31 - 4/1
KSSouth Kansas NSDA LD/PF/Duo3/31 - 4/1
MSMagnolia NSDA Speech3/31 - 4/1
FLFlorida Oceanfront NSDA Congress3/31
VAVirginia NSDA Debate3/31 - 4/1
TXASU's Annual Foreign Language Competitio...4/1
FLPBCFL Novice Champs @ Boca Raton4/1
TNTennessee NSDA Congress4/1
CASierra NSDA Congress4/1
IDDistrict 4 Speech4/1
CABig Valley NSDA Congress4/1
CACapitol Valley NSDA Congress4/1
MDChesapeake NSDA4/1
TXEast Texas NSDA Congress4/1
CACalifornia Coast NSDA Congress4/1
FLCFDI Championship4/1
AZPhoenix Rotary 1004/3
TXNorth Texas Longhorn NSDA Congress4/4
KSKansas Flint Hills NSDA Congress4/4 - 4/5
SDNorthern South Dakota NSDA Congress4/4
SDRushmore NSDA Congress4/4
MOHeart of America NSDA Congress4/4
NVSagebrush District4/6 - 4/8
MOOzark NSDA Congress4/6
ALAlabama State4/6 - 4/8
KSThree Trails NSDA4/7 - 4/8
COColorado NSDA4/7 - 4/8
IDIHSAA State Speech4/7 - 4/8
KSWest Kansas NSDA LD/PF4/7 - 4/8
WISouthern Wisconsin NSDA4/7 - 4/8
AZBAM Inv4/8
NYNew York City NSDA Congress4/8
CASpartan Aloha Classic @ Schurr HS4/8 - 4/9
WINorthern Wisconsin NSDA4/8
TXTall Cotton NSDA Big Questions4/11
TXSpace City NSDA Congress4/13
OKWest Oklahoma NSDA Congress4/14
KSSunflower NSDA Speech4/14 - 4/15
ORNorth Oregon NSDA Congress4/15
KSKansas Flint Hills NSDA LD/PF4/18 - 4/19
FLMiami Dade AST #54/19
TXLone Star NSDA4/20 - 4/22
TXSpace City NSDA4/20 - 4/22
TXEarth Day Texas Debates4/21
KSSouth Kansas NSDA Speech4/21 - 4/22
CORocky Mountain South NSDA4/21 - 4/22
KSWest Kansas NSDA Speech4/21 - 4/22
KSEast Kansas NSDA4/21 - 4/22
KSKansas Flint Hills NSDA4/21 - 4/22
TXUIL District NSDA Big Questions4/22
TXSouth Texas NSDA Congress4/22
MIMichigan NSDA Speech4/22
MSMHSAA Congress Championship4/22
CACHSSA State4/28 - 4/30
TXGulf Coast NSDA4/28 - 4/29
MSMHSAA Speech & Debate Championship4/28 - 4/29
TXGrand Prairie Fine Arts Academy HS4/29
CASCDL Novice Champs @ Alhambra/Gabrielino5/12 - 5/13
TXState & National Qualifier Prep5/13
TXTrimble Tech Trick or Treat Speech & Deb...10/28
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