2020 Worland High School Tournament
Dates: 3/6/2020 - 3/7/2020

Welcome to the Beach!

Tired of the cold, dreary weather in YOUR part of Wyoming? Then why not spend a warm and pleasant moment at the 38th (sort of) annual "Worlando Beach Classic" Forensics Tourament? The tournament will be held on March 5 and 7th at Worland High School and the traditional WHSSA events will be offered.   We hope to be able to offer as many entries as possible in all events, but may have to close registration for popular events early if we fill up our room availability.  As the tournament approaches, I will add people off the waitlist as I can.

Therefore, we encourage you to register early.  We will be following WHSSA rules for all events.  Notice, we are now offering Congressional Debate in the HOPE pattern as per state rules.   Also, competitors in Debate, Extemp, and Congress will be allowed to use computers as long as they are not connected to the internet.

Entry fees are $8 per individual entry and $14 per team entry. As of March 6th, drops will forfeit the entry fee.

Other important notes:

1.  We are offering four rounds of debate and three rounds of IE's.   The first priority for breaks in debate will be power of opposition.

2.  We have not set a judge quota, but appreciate any extra help you can bring.  We plan to use the adults on your team to judge, but will give head coaches a break for bringing extra help.  Please make sure that all of your accompanying adults (as well as the coach) fill out their judging preferences by clicking on the "Judges" tab above.  Please sign up any traveling judges you have coming.

3.  We will use the March topics for LD and for PF.

4.  Congressional Debate competitors should use the E docket.

5.  We will be offering an $7.00 dinner on Friday night which will feature a nacho bar, chips, salad, and a drink.  Lunch on Saturday ($6) will be a Pulled Pork sandwiches, salad, chips, and drink.  Vegetarian options are available for both meals.  Meals are only available to teams that pre-order, so please let us know numbers ahead of time.

6.  We allow doubling within a pattern at our tournament, so theoretically a single (crazy) student could enter four events.  Doubling is at your own risk.  We will make no attempt to adjust PF and LD flights to accommodate students who risk doubling in those events, and it is recommended that debaters not double during the "D"

7.  We award books for first place instead of trophies at our tournament.  Books will be awarded to the top finisher in each event, medals will be given to 2nd and 3rd, and certificates will be given for fourth, fifth, and sixth place.  In Debate, books will be awarded to the first and second place finishers and certificates will be given for third and fourth places.  Sweepstakes awards will be given to the teams who finish first, second, and third in each school division (4A, 3A, and 1A-2A).  

8.  Our traveling trophy (the giant Zebra head) is awarded to the single school (no matter what division) that scores the most points PER team entry.  Example:  Team A makes 30 entries and scores 60 points = 2.  Team B makes 5 entries and scores 15 points = 3.  Team B wins the trophy.  Points scored in the Impromptu event are also added into the traveling trophy points.

9.  Ballots will be made available to coaches as quickly as possible after each round has ended.

10. NO PORTABLE STEREOS or boom boxes will be allowed in the building. Please remind your team members to use headphones so they don't disrupt others.

11. You may use one voucher to pay for both entry fees and meals.

12.  We will be offering Impromptu, POI, and Informative this year. 

Contact Information:  

Rick Dorn  307-431-8390 (cell)

E-mail: rdorn@wsh1.k12.wy.us

School Phone:  307-347-2412, leave a message with one of the Office Staff.



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