2019 Wyoming State Tournament
Dates: 3/7/2019 - 3/9/2019

PHONE 307-577-0614    FAX 307-577-0637

Riverton, WY

 March 7, 8, 9, 2019



The Wyoming State High School Forensics Tournament will be held Riverton, Wyoming on March 7, 8, 9, 2019.  This bulletin contains information and forms pertinent to the State meet.  If, after reviewing this data, you have questions concerning any aspect of the 2019 State Forensics Tournament, please do not hesitate to call the WHSAA office in Casper at 307-577-0614 or Duane Fish at 307-254-0297.   Duane is serving as State Tournament Director this year.  Please review the latest version of the State Tournament Rules in the WHSAA Handbook completely and carefully.  If after reviewing the rules you have any question, please call Londie Gagnon [President, Wyoming High School Speech Association] at 307-699-0537 or at londiebug@hotmail.com.  Call the WHSAA office if you need a copy of the State Tournament Rules or print it off the WHSAA homepage under handbook (www.whsaa.org). 


Registration will be held from 11:00 -12:30 p.m. Thursday, March 7 at Riverton High School, 121 North 5th West, Riverton, WY.  Please review the official tournament schedule [enclosed] carefully and make your plans to arrive in Riverton to register prior to 12:30 p.m. on Thursday.  At registration, your final entries will be verified.  Name changes and substitutions will be permitted at registration, but no additional entries are allowed at registration.  Any "drops" that occur at registration will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee as provided for in the State Tournament Rules: 

"Each cancellation at registration (not substitutions) will cost the infringing school $20 for each student dropped and $50 in the case of each debate team (PF and cross-x or L-D) entry.  This penalty can be avoided by calling the Tournament Director at (307) 254-0297 before 11:00 a.m. on Thursday before the tournament begins."


The State Tournament fee schedule/registration form is enclosed in this bulletin. With the fee schedule/registration form, please send a school voucher for your entry fees to the WHSAA Office, 6571 East 2nd Street, Casper, WY 82609.  There is no refund for students who subsequently do not attend the meet.  The entry fee deadline is Friday, February 22, 2019. 


A student is limited to two events at the State Tournament, and may not enter two events scheduled at the same time.  A high school is limited to a total of 20 student entry slots.  Each student entered in any event slot constitutes an entry.  All team events (a duet team, a public forum team, a cross-examination team) counts as one entry. Schools are allowed to distribute those 20 entry slots as they wish; there is no limit per event.


Enclosed in this bulletin is the tournament information. Tournament entry will be done electronically. Most, BUT NOT ALL material will be submitted through the Joy of Tournaments Website.  Please make sure that you complete all of the necessary information at that site. Entry procedures are listed below.  

**Student Participants, Event Entry, Director of Forensics, and Accompanying Judge information will all be submitted on the Joy of Tournaments Website: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/

**Extemporaneous Speaking topics and Student Congress Bill should be emailed to the tournament director by February 22, 2019, at duane.r.fish@gmail.com        

**Fees sheets and Eligibility forms should be returned to the WHSAA: Please list the names of those students you are entering in the State Tournament and have their eligibility certified by your principal.  Please print or type students’ names -- first and last names.

It is important that your entry forms and related materials be submitted as outlined in this bulletin.  High School coaches are expected to be extremely conscientious in regard to the State Tournament entry forms and the additional information, which they are required to submit.  It is the coaches’ responsibility to insure the accuracy of their school's entry in the State Tournament. 


The WHSAA State Forensics Tournament follows the rules available at www.whsaa.org.  Additionally, recent changes to the rules, passed by the Wyoming High School Forensics Association, will be in effect.  Londe Gagnon, President of the WHSFA, will email these revisions to all coaches by the middle of February.  If you do not receive this email with the attached document of rule revisions, you should contact Dan at lgagnon@tcsd.org to obtain your copy of the rules that will be in effect at this year's tournament. 


All topics will be in the area of current events and will be drawn from material in issues of Time, The Economist, and Christian Science Monitor for the three months preceding the state tournament.  This three month time-frame includes the two weeks immediately preceding the state tournament. Each high school which expects to compete in Extemporaneous Speaking must send a list of ten (10) topics to the Tournament Director.  These topics must be submitted electronically (DUE – February 22, 2019). Send your extemporaneous speaking topics directly to Duane Fish using Word. Schools which fail to submit extemporaneous speaking topics will not be allowed to compete in this event.


Each participant entered in Congressional Debate may submit one Bill or Resolution (only one bill or resolution). Bills or resolutions intended for use in the state tournament must be submitted electronically via google docs(per new rule passed at fall mtg.) by the Director of Forensics (only one email per school please) to the Tournament Director at duane.r.fish@gmail.com (DUE – FEBRUARY 22, 2019).  The bill or resolution must be properly submitted to fit on a single 8 1/2" x 11" white sheet of paper.  All bills or resolutions received with the entry forms will be organized and posted on the Joy of Tournaments Website. Schools may access those bills for each of their students through the Website

Bills or resolutions which are not submitted with the official entry forms and which are therefore "late" (i.e. submitted later that the entry deadline of FEBRUARY 22, 2019), will not be accepted for distribution by the Tournament Director.  "Late" bills and resolutions may be added to the bottom of the agenda order provided that sufficient copies for the entire Congress are available from the "late" school.  If "late" bills or resolutions are accepted for addition to the agenda order, they may be added only to the bottom of the agenda order after all the correctly and timely pre-submitted bills have been debated.  The tournament staff will not duplicate "late" bills or resolutions at the state tournament.

The number of houses will be dependent on the number of entries. The formula Base of Three will be used to split entries. Coaches will be able to place up to three of their competitors in a given house depending on the number of houses needed for Congressional Debate. This distribution will be honored if received before the first day of the tournament.  


In the individual events: ranking of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, will be given.  Ratings on a 51-100 point scale will also be given in the preliminary rounds.  "No Shows" will count as a rank of 9 and 0 speaker points (rating).  Please note the State Tournament Rules concerning the use of "clean breaks" based on ranks only to qualify for semifinals in individual events.  In debate:  each debate will be judged on a win-loss basis; each debater will also be evaluated on speaker points.  Qualification procedures for advancement to elimination rounds are outlined in the State Tournament Rules.  It is the policy of the Wyoming High School Activities Association that all decisions, scores, ranks, rating, etc. of groups or individuals or debate teams are final and without appeal.  Any undue attempt to influence a critic or judge may result in the disqualification of the individual student or the school concerned.  Protests should be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director and the appropriate adjudication procedures followed, as specified in the State Tournament Rules. 


Students should carefully adhere to the specified time limits for their events.  Failure to do so will result in speaker point or rating penalties.  Please review the State Tournament Rules for exact time and the violation penalty.


The following commitment shall be required from those schools participating in the State Tournament:

6 or less entry slots:

1 judge who can judge eight rounds or a combination of judges who will judge 8 rounds

7-12 entry slots:

2 judges who can judge 8 rounds each or a combination of judges who will judge 16 rounds

13 + entry slots:

3 judges who can judge 8 rounds each or a combination of judges who will judge 24 rounds

Schools will be obligated for judging no more than the following rounds:

6 or less entry slots:             eight rounds of judging

7-12 entry slots:               sixteen rounds of judging

12-20 entry slots:                twenty-four rounds of judging

No school shall be required to judge rounds in excess of their commitment. Schools may provide for all rounds of judging with as many judges as they wish to provide. They may specify which judge is to cover which part of the obligation. No judge may be obligated to judge more than eight rounds.

Exceptions to judging requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the decision of the WHSFA Executive Committee. All exceptions will be due when State entries are due.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Forensics from each high school to impress upon the accompanying judges their responsibilities and duties.  These judges are important to the efficient functioning of the tournament.  Try to bring a compliment of judges.  Accompanying judges and coaches should be able to judge a wide variety of events. Please have all judges complete the judge form and submit them with your entries on FEBRUARY 22, 2019.   


Please recall that a student may not enter two events scheduled at the same time.  A student may enter two events scheduled at different times in different conflict patterns.

PATTERN "A" EVENTS                                                      PATTERN "B" EVENTS

Cross-Examination Team Debate                                            Extemporaneous Speaking
Lincoln-Douglas Debate                                                         Memorized Humorous Interpretation
Public Forum Debate                                                              Manuscript Poetry Interpretation

Memorized Dramatic Interpretation                                         Memorized Original Oratory

Memorized Duet Interpretation                                               Congressional Debate

Program Oral Interpretation                                                    Memorized Informative Speaking



These topics are the ones specified in the February NFL Rostrum for March or on the NSDA website.


The Cross Examination Debate Topic is Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.


Meals will be available throughout the tournament. For prices and availability, please refer to the information provided on the Joy of Tournaments Website. Reservations for the meals will need to be made through the link provided.


Coaches are asked to impress upon their students, for whom they are responsible, the importance of approaching the state tournament with seriousness and responsibility.  We ask that students not be allowed to bring large radios/tape players which, when played in halls outside contest rooms, can be distracting.  All judges will be asked to monitor student behavior in the contest rooms in an attempt to insure fairness to all contestants and the coaches are hereby reminded of their duties in so far as student conduct and propriety in concerned.  Coaches are asked to monitor their students carefully during the entire tournament. Problems (if any) which occur are the responsibility of the appropriate coach/school. 


Please go to Joy of Tournaments to enter the tournament. You will need to fill out the following forms and submit them separately.


                                                              EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING TOPICS



High School:____________________________________________________________________________________________


DEADLINE:  February 22, 2019

Each high school entering Extemporaneous Speaking must send this completed form in Word format via email to duane.r.fish@gmail.com


 1.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 2.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 3.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 4.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 5.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 6.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 7.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 8.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





 9.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





10.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________








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