2020 Riverton High School Tournament
Dates: 2/28/2020 - 2/29/2020

Dear Fellow Coaches,

Riverton High School is pleased to invte you to the Riverton High School Speech and Debate Tournament offered February 28th & 29th, 2020.



We are offering all State events. 

Lincoln Douglas Debaters will use the March/April topic:

Resolved: Predictive policing is unjust.


          Cross Examination Debaters will use the 2019-2020 topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States.

          Public Forum Debaters will use the March/April:

Resolved: The United States should increase its use of nuclear energy for commercial energy production.

Poetry and POI competitors must use a manuscript.  All other events are memorized. Informatives may use visual aids.




We will be using Congress Packet D.



Super Congress legislation will be taken from NSDA January Congress legislation resource packet. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing this. The link is on the Congress Legislation tab above.



 Congressional Debate will be in Pattern A.



Extemporaneous questions with be taken from February, January, and February NFHS  (available through the link in the State Newsletter Londe sends out each month) and NSDA questions (available on NSDA site). 


         Entry Limits and Deadines:

We are limiting our initial registration numbers to 5 entries per school in each event.  You may waitlist extra students. After the initial registration deadline we will be able to better judge our ability to accept your additional entries. Where possible, we will add waitlisted competitors no later than February 15th.

Entry fees for our tournament will run at $9.00 per individual entry and $14.00 per team

entry and a $15 school fee.  

We would appreciate receiving your preliminary entries by February 8th,

2020.   Registration has been set up through www.joyoftournaments.com and is

available now.

Only drops will be allowed after the final registration deadline (no adds). All changes and drops should be made online in accordance with the stated deadlines.  Invoices will be based on numbers recorded online after February 26th, 2020.  Drops on Friday, February 28th may be made online until 10 a.m.  They may also be made by calling or texting Becca Pierson at 307-203-7710.  There is no refund for meals dropped after Wednesday, February 26th or for event drops after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020.  


Double entries are allowed except within pattern for Policy (CX) &

Congress- competitors doubling in, LD or PF and DI/DUO do so at their own



First Round no shows will be considered drops.


We will award trophies/plaques to the top three places in each event while remaining

finalists shall receive certificates. In addition, sweepstakes trophies will be awarded for

the top two places in 1A/2A, 3A and 4A school categories.  

*Awards will be at the Middle School this year, this is in walking distance of RHS.



We have student organizations arranging dinner and lunch options for Friday evening

and Saturday noon. Meals will cost $7.50 a piece. As soon as we have more

information on this, we’ll post it under the Meals tab on www.joyoftournaments.com.   



This year registration will occur in the Career Center from 12:30 to 1:30. The Career Center is adjacent to Riverton High School on College View Dr., continue down W. Sunset and turn left on College View Dr., the Career Center will be directly on your left.


***We are asking that every team bring at least one judge to contribute to the judging pool. Thank you!


***Our tournament occurs at the same time and place as the 1A/2A Basketball Tournament, please be aware of this.


We truly look forward to seeing you in the heart of Wyoming this February!


The Riverton Speech & Debate Coaches,

Annette Thornton


(307) 840-1655

Becca Pierson


(307) 203-7710




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