2019 Rawlins High School Tournament
Dates: 3/1/2019 - 3/2/2019

 Rawlins High School

1401 Colorado St.

Rawlins, WY 82301

Rawlins Outlaw Classic
March 1 - 2, 2019 

Welcome to the 2019 Rawlins Outlaw Classic!

Registration at the tournament: We will run registration from 1:15pm - 2:00pm directly inside the Administration and Academics wing. The student area will be the commons area inside the Athletics and Aquatics Center wing. Extempers may go down to the Library at 2:20pm.
Buses: You may drop off students in front of the Athletics and Aquatics Center wing of the school. This is the first entrance immediately next to the big yellow slide. Buses may park by the open field to the west of the school. There is more parking just down the street in the Middle School lot. Please be aware school gets out at 2:12pm, and your buses should be clear before 2:00pm so Rawlins buses can pick up high school students.
Events: We will offer all WHSAA sanctioned events. All events will be classified varsity. We will have four preliminary rounds (except in congress which will have three prelims and two super sessions). Semis will be offered in all events. Computers are allowed in extemp prep, debate, and Congress (internet access must be disabled in/during rounds). State rules will be followed. 
Congress competitors: Rules of the day and pre-submitted legislation will be listed on this site one week before the tournament (Feb. 23rd). Legislation must be emailed to Lori Arment (larment@crb1.net) no later than 6pm, Feb. 22nd. Debate order will be set by chambers with the following guide lines: chamber congresspersons' legislation first, then the rest of the pre-submitted legislation. "Walk on bills" (those brought the day of the tournament) will not be allowed. If extra legislation is needed for debate, the tournament director will provide legislation from National prelim bills.
Super Congress docket will be selected from the 2018 National semi-final and final legislation.
Doubling: Students may double at their own risk with the following exceptions: debaters may NOT double in their pattern (B); Congresspersons may NOT double in their pattern (A); it is not recommended for those in extemp to double in their pattern since the draw will be embedded in the pattern (they will not receive complete prep time if they are late for their draw). Draws will not be adjusted. Judges will be told not to hold up rounds for those who are late and will not wait past the time the round is scheduled to end (unless otherwise informed to do so).
Interp: Poetry and POI competitors must use a manuscript. Humor, Oratory, Informative, Drama, and Duet must be memorized.
Debate Resolutions:
Policy: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States
LD: (March/April topic)
PF: (March topic)
Deadlines: Registration will close Feb. 27th at 6:00pm. Please get all drops/changes to us by 6:00pm, Thursday Feb. 28th. Fees will be calculated at that time. Drops after that time will be charged the original fee. If you can not make a drop on Joy that Thursday morning, please email or call it in to Lori. The tab room will appreciate those changes as soon as possible.
Cell phone: (307) 320-7725. Email: larment@crb1.net
Entry Limits: Three entries per event. Policy will be limited to one entry per team. Due to high tournament demand and a small school, entries are going to be highly limited. Wait list will be available. Do not wait too long to make initial entries!
Meals: We will be offering a Potato Bar and a drink for $7 for dinner on Friday and sandwiches, chips, fruit, water, and a cookie for $6 for lunch on Saturday. There will be a concession stand open which should have hot dogs and pizza by the slice. We will have a hospitality room for coaches, judges, and bus drivers.
Awards: Awards will be given to finalists in platform and interp events, semifinalists and finalists in debate, and the top six Congress contestants. Sweepstakes will be calculated as highest numbers of points per competitor with trophies being awarded to the first and second place teams in the following divisions: 1A/2A, 3A, and 4A. Each event will be tallied as such: 1st place= 7 pts, 2nd place= 6 pts, 3rd place= 5 pts, 4th place= 4 pts, 5th place= 3 pts, 6th place= 2 pts, 7th (if needed)= 1pt. Semis= 1 pt.
Entry Fees: Congress will be assessed an $8.00 fee per competitor; Individual events (Humor, Oratory, Poetry, Extemp, Info, POI, Drama, and LD) will be assessed a $9.00 fee per competitor; Teams (Duet, Policy, and PF teams) will be assessed $16.00 per entry.
Judges: We would appreciate your help by bringing accompanying judges (especially those able to do debate). Please enter them on the Joy site. I will endeavor to use coaches as little as possible.
Contacts:  Lori Arment:
Cell (307) 320-7725

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