2020 Abilene Wylie High School Tournament
Dates: 2/15/2020


Registration will be open until 2/11/20.  Drops on or after 2/11/20 at 4:00 pm will result in the loss of entry fee.  Debate entries will incur double drop fees on 2/14/20 at 5pm.

Academic Events - $8       Writing Events - $10             Speech Events - $15          LD - $20     

Debaters may NOT cross enter.  Prose and Poetry competitors may enter Academic Events at their own risk.  Prose/Poetry will take precedence  in case of schedule conflicts and the academic event(s) will be dropped with a loss of entry fee.  Academic event competitors may cross enter as the schedule permits.

1. We will offer all Academic Events.  We will be using UIL Set B materials and ASW Spelling Test, please bring earbuds for spelling.  Small School/Large School divisions for Computer Applications, Computer Science Written, and Literary Criticism. Math, Science, Number Sense, and Calculator will be Small School/Large School divisions as well as 9th - 10th grade and 11th - 12th grade divisions. Writing events will be one division.  Medals for 1st -3rd, ribbons for 4th - 6th individuals. No team awards other than team computer science which will be one division.
2. All speaking events will follow standard UIL rules and policies.  Documentation for Prose and Poetry will not be checked.  However, if a selection is called into question by a coach and seems valid to tournament officials, proper documentation will be required.  Failure to produce adequate documentation will mean that the student may read and receive a written critique, but will be ranked last in the round.
3. LD Debate will use UIL Spring Topic.

We ask that all sponsors, with the exception of those with the journalism events and ready writing help grade.  Every school involved in Computer Applications  MUST provide a grader or risk disqualification.

Finding judges, especially in debate, has become increasingly more difficult. Therefore we absolutely must seek your help with the following:
1. You must provide ONE JUDGE per 1 - 8 individual speech entries you have in Prose or Poetry. If a judge is not provided you will be charged a $25 judges fee.
2. You must provide ONE JUDGE  per 1 - 8 individual entries you have in Informative or Persuasive. If a judge is not provided you will be charged a $25 judges fee.
3. You must provide ONE JUDGE for 3 entries in LD. If a judge is not provided you will be charged a $100 judges fee. If you have more than three entries you must provide ONE ADDITIONAL JUDGE OR PAY THE FEE.

1.  Entry deadline is Tuesday February 11, 2020.

2.  Registration will begin at 7:00 AM in the rotunda.

3.  Scheduling for preliminary rounds will be posted in the rotunda as well as all other postings.

4.  Awards will be presented in the cafetorium as soon as the final results are known.

5.  A concession stand will be open for your convenience.  A school may keep a tally of charges if

      arrangements are made prior to registration.


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