2020 West Texas A&M Model United Nations Conference
Dates: 4/24/2020 - 4/25/2020

Country and Committee Assignments:


Country Assignments Here (last updated 3/6/2020)


Committee Topic Guides:


The following guides are intended to assist students in preparing for WTMUNC. These guides contain some background information, past actions taken by the United Nations, and potential solutions they can pursue in committee. All delegates are expected to read both the delegate preparation guide and their committee's specific topic guides to prepare for the conference. Remember to prepare a position paper and ideas for BOTH the topics your committee will be discussing. Note that your delegates are STRONGLY encouraged to come up with their own unique and creative solutions, and the debate topics will not necessarily be in the order listed below.

Friday Practice Session (Coming Soon):

Topic A:

Topic B:

UN Security Council:

Topic A: India-Pakistan Dispute

Topic B: Bosnia-Herzegovina Ethnic Dispute

Texas Revolution:

Topic Guide: Texas Revolution

UN General Assembly:

Topic A: Homelessness 

Topic B: Deforestation 

World Health Organization:

Topic A: Food assistance and security for refugees 

Topic B: Tuberculosis

Human Rights Council:

Topic A: Hong Kong Human Rights 

Topic B: Human Trafficking

Economic and Social Council:

Topic A: Climate Change 

Topic B: Global Population Aging 



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