2019 West Hardin Teaching Tournament
Dates: 10/12/2019

Dear Speech Coaches: 

Please come join us for a relaxed day in the country and for a day designed to get your competitors excited about a new season. West Hardin High School would like to invite you to a speech tournament/clinic to be held on Saturday, October 12th at our school located in Saratoga, Texas. In order to help new debaters, we have designed the day to ease them into debate. We also have events to help your speech competitors ease into their events.

DEBATE: The day will be designed to give your novice debaters the best beginning possible and –at the same time— the maximum number of practice rounds possible.  Before debate begins, there will be a clinic where they will be given an introduction to debate, cases that they need to debate and some basic negative positions to run. We will be debating the UIL LD topic and the CX topic. If we have under 8 in either novice or varsity we will collapse the divisions but give awards to the top three novice teams and the top three varsity teams. Debate will not have elimination rounds.  Instead, all  teams will debate 3 rounds and awards will be based on those three rounds.  

EXTEMP: Extemp will be divided into novice (first year competitors) and varsity if there are sufficient entries. 

INTERP: We will also offering interp events.  Students may compete a prose piece, a poetry piece, a duo interp piece, a humorous interp piece, a POI and/or a dramatic interp piece. If we have enough entries, we will also offer oratory and informative.  If there are few entries,events may be combined. OO, INFO, HI, DI, POI, and DUO will follow NSDA rules. Prose and Poetry will follow UIL rules, but performers only need to have one category prepared.  No documentaion will be required; however, please adhere to one category or the other. 

ROUNDS: In  NSDA  and UIL style events, students  will compete in two preliminary rounds followed by a final round breakdetermined by lowest ranks.  If there are 6 or lessusing all three rounds.

IMPROMPTU: Students will have three minutes prep time and five minutes speaking time. They will draw three topics.  Only 1 round is guaranteeed in impromptu.

STORYTELLING: Students read/perform a children’s book that is no longer than five minutes.  Performers may choose to sit or stand to read/perform. Pieces should be appropriate for an audience of children as children will judge the final round. Only 1 round is guaranteed in storytelling. 

 Other than that, all UIL rules will be followed for both LD and CX with the exception of judge guidance for new debaters.




There will be a concession for those who need snacks and/or lunch.


125.00 per missing judge-we need one judge per 4 LD debaters and /or one judge per two CX teams as well as 1 judge per 6 Individual Event entries.    Judges listed in your school’s entries will be required to judge.  Debate judges may also need to judge IE's. Please insure that judges listed as debate judges can, in fact, each one judge debate.  If a judge fails to cover an assigned  round, you will be charged $50.00 per round.


Payments will be required UNLESS the tournament is cancelled by West Hardin.    Deadline for registration is October 5th.  You will be charged for your entries and based on judges you provide as of October 5th.    After that, you will be charged your original fees to cover judging and administrative costs. Please make drops as soon as possible to minimize costs to both you and the tournament. On the morning of the tournament, EMAIL drops to smpeek@westhardin.org so that early round confusion may be avoided.


We are located in the Big Thicket area of East Texas at the intersection of 770 and 105. Please feel free to call or email  for further directions should you need them. 

Our physical and mailing address is: 

West Hardin High School 
39227 Hwy 105 
Saratoga TX 77585

 To give you an idea of where we are: We are located ten minutes from Moss Hill, twenty minutes from Sour Lake, forty minutes from Beaumont and ninety minutes from Houston.

AFTER OCTOBER  5th we will be closing registration.  After that date please email me to see if we have room.

 Judging fees will be adjusted to reflect information on this page. 











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