2019 Van Tournament
Dates: 3/2/2019

Tournament Information


Location:         Van High School is located at 985 N. Maple St. in Van, TX 75790.   

Hotels:            Van has a Fairfield hotel right of the interstate, but there are also hotels located  in Canton, TX or Lindale, TX.  

Entries:            All entries must be entered on the Joy of Tournaments website by Tuesday, February 26th at 4 PM.  We have a limited number of rooms, so plan on entering early!  We will start opening up waitlists as soon as registration closes.

                        We are capping the amount of students each school can bring in some of the events.  Any students entered above the cap limit will be automatically placed on the waitlist.  We will make every effort possible to allow all of your students in, but ask that you be patient with us and check back later.  (For academic events, only the top three or four students from each school will place, depending on UIL rules.)


Drop Fees:       Drops made after Tuesday, February 26th  at 4pm will result in loss of the original entry fee.  All drops MUST be emailed to Savanna Winn by 11am on Friday, March 1st.  Failure to do will result in a fee of twice the value of the original entry fee.


Events:            The events will be grouped into the following sections:

Debate Events

Cross-Examination Debate (UIL)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (UIL)

Congress (UIL)


Public Speaking Events

Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking (UIL)

Informative Extemporaneous Speaking (UIL)

Original Oratory (NSDA)


Interpretation Events:

Prose Interpretation (UIL) – Reader’s Choice

Poetry Interpretation (UIL) – Reader’s Choice

Humorous Interpretation (NSDA)

Dramatic Interpretation (NSDA)

Duo Interpretation (NSDA)


Academic Events (All UIL):


Calculator Applications

Copy Editing

Computer Applications

Computer Science

Current Issues and Events

Editorial Writing

Feature Writing

Headline Writing

Literary Criticism


News Writing

Number Sense

Ready Writing


Social Studies





Cross-Entry Rules:

·         Students may only enter ONE (1) debate event;

·         Students may enter TWO (2) public speaking events, but only ONE (1) section of extemporaneous speaking.

·         Students may enter THREE (3) interpretation events.

·         Students competing in any of the NSDA interpretation events may NOT participate in Cross-Examination Debate 

·         Students who wish to cross-enter in multiple academic events may do so according to the UIL conflict pattern.  Additionally, students who wish to participate in the academic section of the tournament and the speech/debate section of the tournament do so at their own risk.  Please pay attention to our schedule and plan accordingly. Some attempts can be made to accommodate, but they must be planned out in advance.  Contact Savanna Winn for more information.

o   Students cross-entering do so at their own risk and are responsible for showing up on time for events.  Competitors who are over 15 minutes late could be forfeited from the round.



·         Academic Events – One judge/grader for each event.  If you do not provide a grader, your student may still compete, but their test/paper may not be graded/judged.

·         Cross-Examination Debate – One judge for every two entries, or portion thereof.

·         UIL Lincoln-Douglas Debate – One judge for every two entries, or portion thereof. 

·         Public Forum Debate – One judge for every two entries, or portion thereof.

·         Congressional Debate – One judge for every ten entries, or portion thereof.

·         Public Speaking Events – One judge for every six entries, or portion thereof.

·         Interpretation Events – One judge for every six entries, or portion thereof.

o   * We are separating speaking events and interpretation events for judging quotas in order to ensure that non-interpretation event judges will not be stuck judging interpretation events.  We feel that this will improve the quality of the judging and make for a more enjoyable experience overall. 

* All judges must be entered on the website by Tuesday, February 26th at 4pm or you will be assessed missing judge fees.  We have to set fees so that we still have time to hire missing judges.  Schools of judges who are scheduled to judge rounds and do not pick up ballots will be assessed a fee of $25 for every missed round.  It is IMPERATIVE that you enter your judge names by this deadline.


Debate Event Topics:

·         Cross-Examination Debate – Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States. 

·         UIL Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Spring UIL Topic



Awards:          First through sixth places will receive medals in all events, except NSDA events which have less than six entries.  Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to the top three schools.  We will award the top teams in each UIL academic event and the individual top six students.  Because this is a UIL Invitational tournament, we will award Top Speakers in all debate events.



Missing Judge
UIL Interpretation Entry
Public Speaking Entry
HI/DI Entry
Duo Entry
Congress Entry
UIL LD Debate Entry
CX Debate Entry
Academic Event Entry


Payment of Fees:        Schools should bring a check to cover all fees.  If you are not able to have a check prepared in time, you must  have a proof of payment.


Checks should be made payable to VHS Speech and Debate.  Please either bring your check with you the day of the tournament or mail entry fees to:


Van High School

Attn: Savanna Winn

P.O. Box 697

985 N. Maple Street

Van, TX  75790


Buses:  All buses can park at the back of the school in the student parking lot.  This is the best place to drop off students.  It will easily lead you to our cafetorium and foyer.


Student Behavior:       All competitors and visitors are held to the rules and regulations of Van Independent School District.  An adult sponsor from every school must be on campus at all times while students from said school are present.  Please remind your students that your school will be disqualified if a student breaks any school rules. No student should bring food or drinks outside the cafeteria area.  There should also be absolutely no smoking on campus.


Food:   We will have a concession stand on campus for students to purchase meals.  Breakfast and lunch will be complimentary for coaches and judges in our hospitality room.  Schools who wish to venture off campus for lunch (or afterwards for dinner) can visit any of our fantastic local establishments:

  •  The Dinner Bell
  • The Farmhouse
  •  Milano’s Pizza
  • Subway
  • Arby's
  • DQ


Other Notes:

·         We will make every effort as a tournament to run on schedule and will attempt to accelerate when possible.  We ask for your patience and cooperation in the event that this is not possible.

·         This is a UIL tournament.  As such, all UIL rules will be strictly enforced throughout.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements for UIL participation as well as the regulations for each event.  All of this information is available on the UIL website.


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