2018 Stratford HS Tournament
Dates: 10/19/2018 - 10/20/2018






OCTOBER 19 & 20, 2018 

The SHS Forensic Team is very pleased to invite you to our TFA Tournament. This tournament promises to be an outstanding educational experience for all those who participate by offering the most popular TFA debate and speech events. 

Deadline to enter:                  10/12/18 @ 4 pm or until our facilities are full

Deadline to make changes:   10/16/18 @ 4 pm


We will now be offering World Schools Debate. There will be TWO rounds of prepared motions paired randomly, and round 3 will be an impromptu motion that is power matched.

There will be 4 prelim rounds in Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy Debate


Please do all entries here on Joy of Tournaments. We will not accept phone or fax entries. Other inquiries about the tournament should be emailed to me at: hoi.yu@springbranchisd.com or call at (713) 251-3400 ext. 3537


If you are interested in judging for this tournament, please contact Harry Yu (shsdebateyu@gmail.com) or Vicky Beard (victoria.beard@springbranchisd.com) or Cecil Trent (cecil.trent@springbranchisd.com)

Harry Yu
Director of Forensics 

14555 Fern
Houston, TX 77079 
Cell: 281-235-0605

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