2018 Rice University Classic Swing
Dates: 9/28/2018 - 9/30/2018




Rice University Classic Swing

Dear Colleagues,

Rice University and the George R. Brown Forensics Society Alumni cordially invite you to the annual Rice University Classic Swing, September 28-30, 2018. The swing is open to all intercollegiate competitors. Both halves of the swing will be held on the Rice campus in Houston, TX. The tournament will offer all 11 AFA-NIET individual events and NPDA debate. 

We will have one debate tournament with 6 preliminary rounds of NPDA debate with appropriate elimination rounds. There will be only one division offered.  

We will have two individual events tournaments with all 11 AFA-NIET Individual Events. There will be only one division offered. 

**PLEASE NOTE: IEs will start on Friday and finish on Sunday. Debate will run Saturday and Sunday. We are using the same schedule as last year**


-IES: Entries will be registered through Joy of Tournaments 

-NPDA: Entries will be registered through

-Fees will be calculated at 5:00pm (Central) Wednesday, September 26. All changes must be made before that time.  

-Adds, drops, or substitutions after the deadline are subject to regular fees plus a $10.00 per change nuisance fee. 

-Judges dropped after the deadline will incur a $100.00 nuisance fee plus all fees for uncovered slots. 

-All drops after the deadline must be emailed directly to sdlabove@gmail.com. 

-Students may enter no more than three events per pattern. There is no limit on the number of students a school may enter per event.

-No cross-entry between NPDA and IEs.



As the cliché goes, we would MUCH rather have your judges than your money. 

-Judges may NOT cover both debate and IE commitments. You must be in one pool or the other. 

-IEs: One judge covers 6 individual events. 

-Judges must be available for all elimination rounds. 

- All schools entered in IEs must have at least one judge entered.

-Debate: Each debate judge covers two (2) debate teams. A very limited number of hired judges will be available for uncovered slots/teams. 

-All schools entered in debate must have at least one judge entered.

-Debate judges must have a reliable electronic device that can send and receive email. We will use email balloting. 

-Debate judges are committed through Elim 2 and after that for one round past the elimination of their teams



Debate: NPDA guidelines will be followed when possible at the discretion of the tournament director. 

IEs: AFA-NIET rules guidelines and event descriptions will be followed when possible at the discretion of the tournament director.  No prepared event may have been used in competition prior to this academic year.

Students entered in multiple events are responsible for notifying their judges. Judges will not wait past the scheduled times for students who are cross-entered.

Students may not substitute entries (go to someone else’s round for them). Any substitution not approved by the tournament director will be considered an unreported drop. The fee for this ($50.00) must be paid before students from the offending school can advance to elimination rounds. 


SUBSTITUTION OF JUDGES FROM THE SAME SCHOOL IS NOT ALLOWED AND WILL BE CONSIDERED A FAILURE TO PICK UP A BALLOT. This fee must be paid before students from the offending school can advance to elimination rounds.

Debate Prep Rooms: Please respect your prep room. Damage to prep rooms will result in immediate removal of a school’s teams from the tournament and you home institution will be billed for damage.

Please respect the people who will be competing and judging in your room. You MUST move items to the back of the room at the end of prep. 

You are responsible for all personal items in your prep room. 


While not smoke-free, our campus restricts smoking to designated areas. Please note that the policy prohibits smoking outside in areas within 25 feet of entryways, exits, wheelchair ramps serving as entries or exits, outdoor air intakes or operable windows The use of tobacco, including smoking, is restricted to 13 designated outdoor areas on campus. The approved locations are marked with a sign that reads "Designated Tobacco-Use Area" and are within a five-minute walk from any building. We also ask that smokers take the time to place cigarette butts into the appropriate containers in the designated areas. 




There are several options, but, unfortunately, there are no free options. We plan to headquarter the tournament in the Sewall Hall area. There are paid visitor lots near there (Founder’s Court and Duncan Hall lots) that max out at $12.00/day. These are the closest. Beyond that, any visitor lot is fine, but all will charge. West Lot 1 is a bit cheaper but is a 6-8 minute walk to the tournament area. Greenbriar Lot, West of the stadium, is the most inexpensive, but is about a 12-minute walk. 


See the map for lot locations.


NOTE: All lots require credit card payment for entry and exit. 


There are also paid lots across Main St. from campus in the Medical Center.



There are many options in Rice Village and along Kirby Dr., west of campus


We look forward to seeing you in September!


David Worth, Ph.D.
Director of Forensics
Rice University

Shannon LaBove, J.D.
Assistant Director of Forensics
Rice University





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