2019 Prosper High School TFA Tournament
Dates: 10/11/2019 - 10/12/2019

Prosper High School

Eagle Autumn Games


You are cordially invited to the "Eagle Autumn Games" on October 11 - 12, 2019 at Prosper High School (301 Eagle Drive, Prosper, Texas 75078). Our tournament is a Texas Forensics Association (TFA) Qualifier (in all events not otherwise indicated as such).

We will offer the following:

  • Debate (4 guaranteed rounds):
    • Cross Examination Debate (CX)
    • Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD) uses the Sept.-Oct. NSDA Topic
    • Public Forum Debate (PFD) uses the Sept.-Oct. NSDA Topic
       Please note the following recent TFA Rules Changes: 
      • A three minute summary speech (replaces the two minute summary speech)
      •  One additional minute of preparation time for both teams for a total of three minutes of preparation time for each team
      • In grand crossfire, the speaker who gave the first speech summary speech must ask the first question. Debaters are to remain seated throughout grand crossfire, are encouraged to participate in grand crossfire, and they must listen respectfully to each other.
      • If paraphrasing is used in a debate, the debater will be held to the same standard of citation and accuracy as if the entire text of the evidence were read.
    • World Schools Debate (WS) uses the TFA Prepared Motion Topics
    • Congressional Debate uses the Fall 2019 TFA Docket 
  •  Interp:
    • Dramatic Interpretation (DI)
    • Duo Interpretation (Duo)
    • Duet Acting (Duet)
    • Humorous Interpretation (HI)
    • Program Oral Interp (POI)
    • UIL Poetry (not a TFA qualifying event; no documentation check; readers choice)
    • UIL Prose (not a TFA qualifying event; no documentation check; readers choice)
  • Speech:
    • Domestic Extemp (DX)
    • Foreign Extemp (FX)
    • Original Oratory (OO)
    • Informative Speaking (Info)


Key Rooms:

  • Upon arrival, students can make their way to the Cafeteria, which is located at the main entrance of the campus. Buses can pick up/drop off from the front circle driveway. (Please note that PHS has lunch until 1:45pm.  If you arrive before then, please understand that seating may not be available)
  • Extemp draw for FX, DX will take place in the large group instruction (LGI) room.
  • Hospitality will be offered in the Library, which is located immediately to your right upon entering the main entrance.
  • Hallways used for competition are identified on the master schedule. Please take note that our hallway numbering is somewhat irregular, so please take a look at the maps provided.
  • The Tab Room will be in room 2040, above the Library.
  • There will be no judge table as Tabroom.com will push all ballots electronically. Judges are expected to provide their own computers as none will be avilable for judge use.


General Guidelines:

  • Postings will only be available only on Tabroom.com. Coaches are encouraged to double check that each student knows how to navigate Tabroom.com and is set up to receive text/email notifications. Note, there are "dead" areas in our building where cell coverage is not available, so students need to ensure they set up Wi-Fi on any device they are using for postings. A guest Wi-Fi code will be available for student/judge use.
  •  Students may never enter a room without a judge present, which includes Congressional Debate and all other speech and debate events.
  • Please take note that some Prosper High School teachers have both "Promethean Boards" and dry erase boards in their classrooms. Please inform your students so that they do not accidentally use dry erase marker on the wrong surface.
  • To access Public Wi-Fi, choose the public Wi-Fi option. You will then need to open a new window to accept the terms before proceeding to use.
  •  Despite our use of the LGI, there may not be enough outlets in our LGI for each competitor to plug in their laptops. Thus, we encourage students to put their laptops in “standby†mode after they leave for their room in order to reduce power consumption.
  • We will use TFA tabulation methods for all TFA events.



  • Congressional Debate: $15 per entry; Initial limit of 8 entries per school until we hit critical mass, then waitlist entries will be pulled up. We will use the TFA State Docket.
  • CX Debate: $40/team; initial entry limit of 5 teams per school until we hit critical mass, then waitlist entries will be pulled up.
  • LD Debate: $20; initial entry limit of 5 per school until we hit critical mass, then waitlist entries will be pulled up.
  • PFD Debate: $30, initial entry limit of 5 teams per school until we hit critical mass, then waitlist entries will be pulled up.
  • WS Debate: $40/team.
  • IEs: $15 per entry; initial limit of 6 entries/teams per per event, per school until we hit critical mass, then waitlist entries will be pulled up. We will not be checking documentation in interp (readers' choice).


Speech/Debate event cross-entries will be allowed, but are made at one's own risk. Rounds will NOT be scheduled around conflicts nor will rounds be held for conflicts. Students more than 15 minutes late to a round WILL be marked as "No Show"/recieve a Loss for the round.



Entries must be submitted by Friday, Oct. 4 at 4pm. This is also the first drop deadline. Drops made after this time will result in a forfeited entry fee.

Drops made after Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 4pm will result in an additional drop fee equal to the initial entry fee.



Each school will be required to provide judges. Uncovered Judge Fee: $150 per judge obligation.

  • CX Debate: One judge per two teams or part thereof.
  • LD Debate: One judge per four entries or part thereof.
  • PFD: One Judge per four teams or part thereof.
  • Speaking Events: One judge for each 6 entries or part thereof.
  • WS and Congress will have a pro-rata fee to cover hiring judges for these events.

While oral critiques are a mainstay of TFA tournaments, they should be brief and efficient. Please take no more than 5 minutes total for any critique. We will require sufficient written comments on all ballots.

Judging obligations extend one round after the last competitor from that school is eliminated in that event.

Panels will be used for all rounds after prelims. When more than one judge adjudicates the same round, each judge should render their decision independently and without collusion. No judges should confer with each other before their decision is rendered and written on the ballot.


Elimination Rounds:

High-low power-matching in brackets will be used where indicated on the master tournament schedule or as required by TFA rules. We will break brackets to avoid conflicts, as prescribed by TFA rules.



Presiding Officer candidates shall identify themselves as such during the registration process. Students may run for presiding officer in all sessions. A student’s interest in being a presiding officer will be taken into consideration when competitors are distributed among the chambers.


Drops on the day of the tournament:

Please email drops to slphillips@prosper-isd.net and also text them to (903) 316-9946.  




Seth Phillips, J.D.
Director of Forensics
Prosper High School
P: (469) 219-2180 ext. 80500 
E: slphillips@prosper-isd.net

Racy Grant
District Student Activities Coordinator
Prosper ISD

P: (469) 219-2000 ext. 13121

E: rlgrant@prosper-isd.net

Addison Wellenberger
Speech & Debate Team President

Adam Kern
Speech & Debate Team Vice-President





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