2020 Pine Tree HS Tournament
Dates: 1/10/2020 - 1/11/2020






1.        No food or drink is allowed in the buildings except the cafeteria and hospitality rooms for coaches/judges. Food is allowed in the courtyards, but please use the trash receptacles. 


2.        Hallways are off limits except when coming to or going from a test.


3.        Students are not allowed in classrooms unless a teacher is present.    


4.        Concessions will be in the cafeteria on Saturday.


5.        Radios, stereos, tape players, or jam boxes of any kind are not to be played in any campus area. Ipods or MP3s are acceptable with headphones/earbuds, but are NOT allowed during testing. 


6.        No smoking is permitted on campus. 


7.        Please help us keep our campus clean by using the trash containers in the cafeteria and in the courtyard area to dispose of trash. 


8.        The hospitality room for coaches and judges will be located in the Pine Tree Bistro.  


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