2019 Mt. Pleasant High School TFA Tournament
Dates: 11/16/2019

(We will be using Tabroom.com as an attempt to provide a better experience, please have all judges create a tabroom account)


7:00                    Registration

7:30                    Extemp Draw

8:00                    Section A Prelims

8:30                    Debate Round 1, 

9:30                    Section B Prelims

10:15                  Debate Round 2

11:00                  Section C Prelims

11:45                  Extemp Draw

12:15                  Section A Semifinals (or Round 2 for events with 16 or fewer entries)

12:45                  Debate Round 3

1:00                    Congress Prelims (Last until 4:00)

1:45                    Section B Semifinals (or Round 2 for events with 16 or fewer entries)

3:00                    Debate Quarterfinals* (VERIFICATION WILL BE AT 2:45PM IN TAB)

3:15                    Section C Semifinals (or Round 2 for events with 16 or fewer entries)

4:15                    Extemp Draw

4:45                    Section A Finals, Debate Semifinals

5:00                    Congress Finals (Lasts until 7:00)

6:00                    Section B and C Finals

6:15                    Debate Finals

8:30                    Awards


Section A – Domestic Extemp, Foreign Extemp, Original Oratory, POI

Section B – Duo Interp, Humorous Interp, Poetry, Impromptu Speaking

Section C – Duet Acting, Dramatic Interp, Prose, Informative

Section D – Varsity CX Debate, Varsity LD Debate, Varsity PF Debate, Varsity Congressional Debate, Novice CX Debate, Novice LD Debate, Novice PF Debate


We will accelerate the schedule when possible!


Notes on pairings for elimination rounds:

* Individual Events:
     Fewer than 16 entries:  two preliminary rounds breaking to finals based on cumes
     More than 16 entries:  pr
elims, semi-finals, finals (top six in finals)

* Debate Events:  
     Fewer than 16 entries - semi-finals, finals  
     16-50 entries - quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals  
     51+ entries - octo-finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals  

We will NOT break brackets in debate events.

* Congress

     Fewer than 50 entries - prelims breaking 12 to finals
     51+ entries - prelims, semis, finals







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