2020 Midway UIL Invitational
Dates: 2/1/2020

General Information:

  • Hospitality room will be provided for coaches/judges/bus drivers.  Breakfast & lunch will be provided, along with some snacks during the day.
  • MHS Speech & Debate will be providing a concession stand for the students.  This will include donuts at breakfast & a variety of items for lunch as well as snacks & drinks all day.
  • Midway students may be participating in some contests, however they will not be competing to win awards.  Those who participate in speaking events will only do so in the preliminary rounds and will not be allowed to advance.

Academic Event Information:

  • Schools will be divided large school (4A-6A) and small school (1A-3A) for academic events; speech will have only one division.
  • Computer Science will be written test only, no hands on.
  • Computer Applications contestants need to bring their own computer, printer, & cables.  Entries are limited to 3 per school.  Please e-mail sarah.baranowski@midwayisd.org if you want to add extras to a waiting list if space permits.
  • Schools wanting to use laptops for journalism or ready writing need to bring your own printers.
  • Spelling will be read outloud by a speaker. We will need help grading.
  • Math & Science events will be divided into 9/10 grade and 11/12 grade for individual awards, but will  be combined for the team award.
  • Paid graders will be provided in Ready Writing and Journalism, so schools will be charged a $30 fee for entries in each of these events.

Speech & Debate Event Information:

  • LD will be using the Spring UIL topic.
  • CX will be using the current UIL topic.
  • Debate competitors may not enter any other event.
  • Debate awards will be determined from 4 rounds.  The 3rd and 4th rounds will be power matched.
  • Informative/Persuasive Extemp draws will be held 30 minutes prior to the start times listed on the schedule.
  • Poetry/Prose documentation may be checked, however lack of documentation will not prevent a contestant from performing.  There will be a draw for category.
  • All speech judges/coaches are considered stand-by throughout the tournament. Schools whose judge does not show up for their assigned round will incur the FULL judge fee.


  • Students should stay in the cafeteria area when not competing.
  • All food/drink needs to stay in the cafeteria.
  • An adult representative from each competing school must be present at all times.
  • Video/audio taping of rounds is not permitted.
  • No loud music; please use headphones.
  • Students are not allowed into rooms unless a judge is present.
  • No students are allowed in the tab room.
  • Any vandalism will result in disqualification of the entire team.
  • No tobacco or alcohol allowed on school premises.

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