2020 Mansfield ELEM UIL Tournament
Dates: 2/21/2020 - 2/22/2020

UIL Academics Tournament Rules



1.     All UIL Academic teams must be accompanied by an MISD employee from their campus.  This designated staff member will be stationed in the commons/ cafeteria.  If an MISD employee is not able to accompany the UIL Academic team, then a principal-approved adult sponsor may substitute.

2.      Students may come and go throughtout the event if they check in and out with their campus designated staff member. During the tournament, students who are in the school building should remain in the commons when not competing.

3.      Students may not enter contest rooms unless a judge/test monitor is present.

4.      Students cross-entered in more than one speech event per section are responsible for informing the judges that he/she is cross entered.  However, doing so is at his/her own risk.  Judges, if not informed ahead of time about a student being cross-entered, will not know to wait.  Once a judge has returned to the tab room, he/she cannot go back and judge a student who is late due to cross-entering.

5.      Schools can enter a maximum of 3 students per speaking and writing event and maximum of 6 students for all other events.

6.      In keeping with UIL guidelines, students may compete in one testing event per time slot.  A student may cross enter in the speech events with the understanding that to do so is at his/her own risk.    An event will not be delayed due to cross entering.

7.      We will conduct each event under the guidelines presented by the A+ Handbook 2019-2020 for Elementary and Middle and Junior High School Contests.

8.      Please remember, we need school support to run these events smoothly.  All schools are required to bring at least one adult to serve as a Judge in the events where the school has at least one student entered. The more Judges we have, the smoother the day will be!

9.      Competing out of grade level.  Students are not prohibited from competing one grade level higher than the one in which they are enrolled.  However a student shall not compete in two or more grade levels and cannot compete for another school.

10.    Parents and fans shall stay in the commons area.  Only coaches, competitors and meet officials may be in competition areas and adjoining hallways. 


Let's make this tournament an academic celebration! 

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