2019 Douglas MacArthur High School Tournament
Dates: 9/28/2019

Douglas MacArthur High School presents

The Five Star Invitational

2923 MacArthur View (previously E.Bitters RD)

San Antonio, TX

(210) 356-7600


Reb Sibley



You and your team are cordially invited to the Texas Forensic Association Qualifier taking place September 28th, 2019 at MacArthur High School in beautiful San Antonio, TX.



Section A - Students may enter two events: Duo, DI, OO, VPR, NPR POI
Section B - Students may enter two events: PO, NPO, DA, INF, HI 
Section C : Congress 
Section D : VLD, NLD PF
Section E: Extemp (NX, DX, FX)
Section F:  CX (CX may not enter any other events.)

If you are signed up for Section C or Section D events, you may only enter in section E. No cross entry from Debate events into any Section A or B events.  In debate, we will institute the 15 minute rule and forfeit students who are more than 15 minutes late to a round.  Please remind your students to get to their rounds on time.

We will not break brackets in debate.

We will be using the NSDA October topics for LD and PF. We will be using odd numbers of the TFA Fall Docket for prelims, and even numbers for finals. 

Important Deadlines

  • All school entries must be submitted online via Joy of Tournaments by Monday, September 23rd at 5:00 pm.

  • Any drops after 5:00 pm Monday, September 23rd will incur a loss of entry fee. 

  • Drops after 4:00pm Wednesday, September 25th will incur twice the entry fee

  • Drops or no shows on Saturday, September 28th will incur thrice the entry fee.


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