2018 Leakey ISD Tournament
Dates: 12/12/2018
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2018 Junior High District UIL Meet Information


The Junior High District 31A UIL Meet will be held in Leakey on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The meet will begin at 9:00 with Art & Oral Reading and conclude at 3:00 with Listening Skills & Chess if things go according to schedule. We will follow the rules established in the A+ Handbook.



The entry deadline is Sunday, December 2, 2018. All entries will be entered into www.joyoftournaments.com You can find directions for making entries by clicking the Registration tab within the website.


Writing Events:

The writing events will be held at your own campus on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. I will email the writing topics on Monday December 10, 2018. These events include:

Ready Writing (grades 7 & 8), Editorial Writing (grades 7 & 8).


Speaking Events:

Students in speaking events will be allowed to arrange to speak first or last to avoid conflicts with other events. Students are responsible for notifying the contest director.


Substitutions & Alternates:

Substitutions will be allowed if the student was originally listed in the entries.

Alternates will not compete unless they need to. Alternates will be listed under a waiting list on the website.



The following events will conflict and you can only enter one event in each of the following areas.


Conflict A: Dictionary Skills, Number Sense, and Social Studies

Conflict B: Calculator Apps and Spelling

Conflict C: Listening Skills and Chess

  • Example: You can enter a student in Calculator Apps but not in Spelling.



Pilot Events:

We will have Music Memory for grades 7 & 8 as a pilot event and it will not count for points.


Other Information:

Each district is responsible for providing one person to judge a writing event.

Each school is responsible for providing one person to judge a speaking event.


Grading, Verification, and Hospitality → Band Hall

Tabulation & Copies → Elementary Workroom

Concession → New Gym

Student Holding Area, Results Postings → Cafeteria



If you have any other questions, please contact me.



Kind regards,


Sam Long



830-232-5595 (school)


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