2019 Lampasas Spring UIL Academic Tournament
Dates: 2/16/2019



February 12th, 4 pm:  all entries are due (entry fee total at this time will be charged to school)
February  14th, 4 pm:  all speech and debate drops after this date are charged double entry fees

February 15th, 4 pm: all speech and debate drops after this date are charged triple entry fees

Please enter early to avoid event limits.

All Academic Test Materials will be from UIL Set B

Computer Applications will have a firm limit of 24 competitors, maximum of 3 per school unless the event is not filled (waitlist).  Please enter quickly to ensure your spots.  A grader must accompany your Computer Applications contestants or your tests will not be graded.

LD will be debating the 2018 UIL Spring Topic: 

RESOLVED: On balance, artificial intelligence improves humanity.

CX will be debating the 2018-2019 UIL/TFA/NFL/NSDA topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.

CX Debaters cannot enter any other eventLDers may cross-enter Extemporaneous speaking only.   

Poetry and Prose Category  – Interpers will read Category A in Prelim Round I and Category B in Prelim Round II.  Semis & Finals will be “Speaker’s Choice”.  Coaches should be prepared to show documentation should a challenge occur.  Students MAY cross-enter in Prose and Poetry. 

Extemporaneous Speaking will be divided into Persuasive or Informative Speaking with 7 minutes speaking time with no grace period.  Students MAY cross-enter in Extemp and PR/PO, but may enter only one section of extemp


 Speech and Debate

A.  One judge is required for every two CX debate teams. (One entry requires one judge.)

B.  One judge is required for every four LD entries. (Four or fewer entries require one judge.)

C.  One judge is required for every six individual events.

D.  We must have judge information by January 19 or a $100 judging fee will be assessed for each missing IE judge or $125 for missing Debate judge. 

E.  All judges must be high school graduates. 

F.  If your competitors comprise a significant portion of an event, please be aware that your school judges may be assigned rounds in other events.


G. All schools may enter up to four teams of CX, and four LD debaters. Students on waiting lists will be moved up ASAP, once plenty of judges are secured. If you can recommend judges pleas email Shelby Randolph at randolphs@lisdtx.org


Please remind your academic coaches that we will need ALL of them to volunteer to help grade the academic events, and that the more judges who happily agree to help, the faster the tournament flows, and the earlier they can head home.     

Experienced judges will be hired for Journalism and Ready Writing. We are charging a $30.00 fee to any school who has writers (Ready Writing or Journalism). Our writing judges are worth it!

      Per UIL rules, a grader must come with your Computer Applications contestants.  Coaches are expected to assist with grading for all other tested events.  Please arrange for an experienced grader from your school to attend with your teams.


Please encourage your spelling team to bring their own headphones/ear buds. We have some to lend, but not enough for everyone.

Limits: Ready Writing, Journalism, Spelling are all limited to 4 contestants per school & Computer Applications has a maximum of 3 per school (unless the event is not filled (waitlist) .  All other academic events have no limits.



        Academics will be awarded team medals (when applicable) and individual medals for first through sixth place. Speech will receive first place trophies and second through sixth place medals. 

       Trophies will be awarded for Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes Runner Up.


School Fee - $10 per school
Journalism Events - $15 per entry
Academic Events - $10 per entry
Writing judge fee - $30.00 per school
Speech Events - $15 per entry
LD Debate - $25 per entry
CX Debate - $40 per team
Missing Speech Judge - $100
Missing Debate Judge - $125

(Judge fees are applied directly to the hiring of quality judges.  If you know qualified judges who would like to be hired, please encourage them to email their qualifications to  randolphs@lisdtx.orgi.)



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