2019 Holy Trinity 13th Annual Hurricane Debate
Dates: 9/7/2019


The Hurricane Debate Tournament at Holy Trinity


Contest rules

LD Debate:    One on one values debate.  The debaters debate the truth of a resolution and how it affects a value (eg. freedom, life, justice).  For more information—including times of speeches—contact Mr. Mosmeyer at cmosmeyer@holytrinitychs.org or see the resources at the National Speech and Debate Association: www.speechanddebate.orgWe will be using the Fall 2019 UIL topic: TBA

A novice debater is one in his/her first year of high school competition.  Talented novices MAY enter both varsity and novice divisions.

Public Forum Debate: Two on two debate on current issues.  For more information, see the resources provided by the National Speech and Debate Association: www.speechanddebate.org.   The topic for this tournament will be the September-October NSDA Topic: TBA 

Impromptu Speaking for Debaters

  o     7 minutes total speaking and preparation. 

  o     Topics will cover general ideas about government, values, individual rights, etc.  For example:  Is freedom more important than life?  Is the best government that which governs least?  Which is more important for a President—domestic policy or foreign policy?

  o     WE WILL BE RUNNING ROUNDS 1 AND 2 SIMULTANEOUSLY.  STUDENTS ENTERED IN IMPROMPTU WILL BE GIVING TWO SPEECHES WITHIN THE SAME HOUR.  In other words, your student will be “cross-entered” in two sections of Impromptu.  For example, your speaker will be first speaker in one room and fourth in another.  We’re doing this to get as many rounds in as possible!

Extemporaneous Debate: One on one debate that lasts only 16 minutes.  We're going to have some fun!  See the Extemporaneous Debate Tab for a thorough explanation.



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