2019 Hebron High School Tournament
Dates: 11/1/2019 - 11/2/2019

The Hebron Standard


Dear Colleagues,

Hebron High School cordially invites you to attend the Hebron Standard Texas Forensic Association State Qualifier on November 1-2.  Please join us in North Texas for a festive tournament.   We are committed to providing quality judges, an experienced tab room staff, and a fantastic educational experience for your team. 

We will provide competition in all the state-qualifying TFA events. We've also taken care to offer novice divisions in all debate events, novice extemp and impromptu. 

Local food vendors will supplement our snack bar offerings for students to provide our kids with healthy and tasty options for a fun and unique student experience. Our Booster Club is eager to provide hospitality that shows our forensics community how much they truly appreciate the coaches and judges who choose to spend weekends with their kids.  And yes, our tradition of excellent coffee will continue. 




Leeann Solice
Director, Hawk Debate

Cameron Vaziri
Asst. Director, Hawk Debate

Amy Wilson

Interpretation Coach 





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