2019 Grapevine High School Tournament
Dates: 9/6/2019 - 9/7/2019

Prepared motions for WSD.


Round 2: This House would break up Big Tech.

(Examples include but are not limited to Amazon.com, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.) 

Round 3: This House would lift sanctions against Iran.

Round 5: This House believes that more economically developed countries (MEDCs) should provide climate change reparations to less economically developed countries (LEDCs).

Finals: This House would support federal legalization of marijuana for medical use.



Rounds, 1,4, Quarters (if needed), and semis will be impromptu.


If you have questions on World School, please contact either  jane.boyd@gcisd.net or Jen Melin:  Jmill326@gmail.com

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