2019 Grapevine High School Tournament
Dates: 9/6/2019 - 9/7/2019


Congress will be PRELIMS  and SEMIS will be Friday night at GHS and FINALS will be at 8:00 am on Saturday at CTMS!    




Schools will not provide judges but will pay $125 judge fee.


Congress rules can be found at: txfa.org/resources.asp    page 49



2019 Grapevine Classic Docket will be the Fall docket of legistation which can be found at the TFA website.     

  Congress docket for Grapevine Classic

Prelims: # 16, 27, 6, 4, 11,  28


Semis: 24, 30, 8, 1, 10, 15


Finals:  22,29,12, 2, 5, 13





 Each school may run ONE presiding officer per chamber.  Presiding officer in Semi - Finals and Finals will be elected from Prelim Presiding officers.

Regular questioning will happen in Prelims and Semis.  Direct questioning will take place during Finals.

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