2019 Grapevine High School Tournament
Dates: 9/6/2019 - 9/7/2019



Only entries from coaches or school officials will be accepted.  NO INDEPENDENT ENTRIES ALLOWED - Don't ask.




Section A:  Individuals may enter 3 events per section.

Dramatic Interp, Poetry, Original Oratory, Duo, POI


Section B:  Individuals may enter 3 events per section. (Extempers may only enter 1 Extemp category)U.S. Extemp, International Extemp, Humorous Interp, Prose, Duet, Informative


Section C:  Students may only enter one of these events in the tournament and may NOT enter another qualifying event.  Cross Examination Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, World School Debate


Section D:  Students may enter 3 IE events in Section B as well as Congressional Debate.


IE events, duo, and duet are guaranteed 2 preliminary rounds.  All debate is guaranteed 5 preliminary rounds.  Congress will be 1 preliminary session that lasts 3 1/2  hours breaking to Semi final on Saturday AM

ENTRIES ARE LIMITED TO 2 CX AND 4 LD, PFD.  POI or INF, and all other IEs/Duo/Duet are limited to 8 per school in each event. Congressional Debate limited to 8 per school.  World school is 2 teams per school. A wait list will be entered and will be accepted as room warrants.




The LD topic will be:  September/October NSDA topic 

The CX topic will be:  2019-20- Policy Debate topic

The PFD topic will be:  September/October NSDA topic

The World School prepared topics * see world school tab



Initial entry on the website is necessary.  NO phone or fax entries will be accepted.


Thursday, August 29, 4:30 pm - Preferred Entry Deadline. You may continue to make changes  on the site without penalty until the drop deadline. No new schools may enter after this time.

Friday, August 30 - NOON -- JUDGE NAMES DUE. (you will be charged for judges at this time even if you put in a name later) 


Tuesday, September 3,  4:30 pm - Drop deadline. Changes after this point will forfeit the initial entry fee. Late entries will be accepted as space allows. 


Wednesday, September 4 at noon - After this point, drops will cost the original entry fee plus a $30 additional fee will be charged per IE, Duet/Duo, congress entry, and World School Debate - $50 penalty per debate entry. 


 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, NOON, Friday and Saturday, September 06-07-- Drops made on these tournament days will result in loss of entry fee and a $100.00 fine.


**Illness is not a consideration for revocation of penalty fees.  Replace the competitor.




*Individual Events $15  *Duo Interp/Duet Acting $30


 *Congressional Debate $50.00  *VLD $80.00  *VCX $100.00  *PFD $80.00  *WSD $100



We know this is early in the year but payment is due upon registration or proof of check request or a purchase order.  No student will be allowed to participate unless payment arrangements are made. Checks should be made to The Grapevine Classic.


Please pay promptly if you make payment arrangements.  Unfortuately, in previous years we had to resort to contacting some principals to get payment.  That is not a good situation for anyone.  Please pay promptly.



While we work very hard to provide high quality judges and paid more the $4000 for judges last year:



Each school is required to provide at least 1 QUALIFIED judge per event they are entering unless they meet the above requirement.




 1 judge for 2 CX teams or portion,  1 judge per 4 LD teams or portion thereof

1 judge per 4 PFD teams or portion thereof, 1 judge per 8 IE/Duo entries or portion thereof

1 judge per 2 WSD teams or portion thereof.




WORLD SCHOOL DEBATE TEAMS MUST PROVIDE 1 QUALIFIED JUDGE PER 2 TEAMS OR PORTION THEREOF. (NO BUYOUT)  WSD judges must also attend the judge training at 4:30 on Friday or (if Saturday only) 8:00 am on Saturday.  Judges who don't attend the training will not be used and the team is in danger of being disqualified.


Judging Fees: $200 for VCX, VLD, and PFD


 $100.00 IE/Duo/Duet*

Minimum number of rounds per debate judge per debate entry is 4 rounds for prelims  (1 CX team = 4 prelim rounds, 2 CX teams = 7 rounds, 1-2 LD/PFD = 4 rounds, 3-4 LD/PFD = 7 rounds).  Every judge in the pool is obligated 1 round past your school's elimination in that event.


* If your school has too many entries that your school judges can't be used - your school will be charged $100 per judge required that can't be used in preliminary rounds for IEs.


We believe students can adapt to judges better when they know what the judge is looking for. With that in mind - we require all debate judges to submit judge philosophies on your Tabroom.com profile. Please do so prior to the week of the tournament so everyone has time to access the philosophy.


ALL SCHOOL JUDGES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2019 AT NOON or fees will be added to your invoice.  




We use MJP for CX and LD.  We use a strike sheet for PFD


Our goal is to have rankings/rating sheets online by Wednesday morning to allow schools to review these lists and enter their choices online. Schools must complete rankings/ratings by Thursday, September 5 at 4:30 pm Central Time. Any school that opts to/neglects to fill out the information online (and by the deadline) will forfeit the privilege to do so. Debate coaches are strongly encouraged to embrace the responsibility of filling this information out themselves and not turning it over solely to students. With all due respect to those attending the Grapevine Classic, the luxury of rankings/ratings are a privilege and not a right. If the tab room feels adjustments to the judge pool/assignments are in the best interest of tournament to do so, we will exercise that option. So that no confusion about this statement exists, one example where the tab room might exercise its jurisdiction to change a panel's make up is if all first year judges make up an elimination round panel. Rest assured we will attempt to honor preferences.


If a school's judge(s) depart before fulfilling their school's commitment, a fine of $100.00 will be assessed. Those not paying within 30 days will have their school's name passed on to the Director of other major invitationals and a letter will be sent to their principal or head of school.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: The discovery of any school that, rather than pay the penalty fee(s), simply forfeits a round by not participating will be subject to immediate disqualification of ALL contestants from that school and will incur penalty fees for that participant.




Grapevine HS has a long history as a complete squad of winning in All Debate Events and All Speech events, thus we have decided to award other schools which have strong programs in both.

There will be 2 Sweepstakes awards for Debate, 2 Sweepstakes Awards for IEs and then a GRAND SWEEPSTAKES which will include schools which enter BOTH Debate events and IE events. . The Top 4 participants in each IE event and congress. Debate - 2  policy teams, 4  PFD teams, and 4 LD debaters and 2 WSD teams will count for Sweepstakes




All IE'S, Duo/Duet: 1st - 20 2nd - 15 3rd – 10 Finals - 5 

Congressional Debate: 1st – 20, 2nd – 15, 3rd – 10, Finals - 5, Semis 

World School Debate 1st -20, 2nd- 15, and 3rd -10,  Elim win through quarters worth 3 points each.

Prelim win is worth 1 point

Debate 1st – 20, 2nd – 15, 3rd – 10- Elim win through quarters worth 3 points each.

Prelim win is worth 1 point



1. No smoking on campus property. This is a State Law.

2. Debate Ballots will be ON LINE through Tabroom.com.  All debate judges will need to create a Tabroom.com (free) account to get ballots and updates.  

3.IE judges will pick up ballots at CTMS.

4. A concession stand will be available in the cafeteria. (GHS and CTMS)

5. Postings for all rounds will be blasted for each debate round and posted for IE,

6. An adult sponsor ( authorized by the school) must be in attendance at all times.

7. Oratories, as well as interpretation and duet selections, must be available upon request

8. Coaches and Judge's hospitality will be in the GHS library and the CTMS Library

9. All rooms will be straightened by participating students

10. Anyone caught stealing or destroying property will be escorted with his or her team off campus.

11. We appreciate that POLICY, PFD teams and LDers must have time for preparation before each round of the tournament, BUT we have a schedule we MUST keep, so any team that is more than 15 minutes late to their round (their fault not our fault) will forfeit that round with zero speaker points.

12. We will accelerate the schedule when possible - it is NOT advisable that you leave campus. If you leave campus and miss a round – the round will be forfeited with zero speaker points or foefeit the elimination round.

13,  World School Debate round will be at Grapevine HS. Ballots will be on Tabroom.com

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