2020 El Campo High School UIL Tournament
Dates: 1/17/2020 - 1/18/2020



Speech, Drama, and Debate Tournament Schedule



Friday,  January 17

Any debater NOT planning on returning on Saturday for elimination rounds, needs to bring this information to the attention of the tab room in writing BEFORE the tournament begins.  You may also email me this information if you know before Friday.

Novice and Senior LD debate is flighted.  

3:00- 3:30   Registration (Any debater not registered by 4:30 will be dropped from the tournament and drop fees assigned.  Please call if you are running late)

4:00   Debate Round I

5:00   Bible Reading Prelims

5:30  Debate Round II

6:30  Bible Reading Semis

7:30  Debate Round III

8:00 Bible Reading Finals

9:15 Breaks will be posted on line.  Offical coaches challenge will be over at 9AM on Saturday.

LD Debate may be flighted

Saturday, January 18 Speech, Drama, & Debate Only Schedule

7:15- 8:00 Registration Continued

7:15  Extemp Roll Call-  ECHS Auditorium

7:30 Extemp Draw- Auditorium

8:00 Category A Prelims

9:15 Category B Prelims, Readers Theater finals

10:30 Category C Prelims, SR CX Quarters, NXC Semis, Sr. & N. LD Quarters

11:45 Category D Prelims, Finals POI, Finals OO

12:30  Extemp Draw Semis

1:00  Category A Semis, Group Imp. Finals

2:00 Category B Semis, HI Finals, DI Finals

3:00 Category C Semis, Debate elimination rounds Semis SR CX, SR & N. LD, Finals N. CX, Rec. Mime Finals

4:00 Category D Semis, Duet Acting Finals

5:00 Extemp Draw- Finals

5:30 Finals A & B

6:30 Finals C & D

8:00 Awards ceremony

Schedule is subject to change

 Pattern A:   Novice & Senior Extemp, Novice and Senior Poetry, Group Improv

Pattern B:  Impromptu, HI, DI, Novice and Senior Prose, Reader's Theater

Pattern C:  Novice and Senior CX, Novice and Senior LD, Record mime, Bible Reading, Auditioning

Pattern D:  Oratory, Soapbox, Story Telling, Duet Acting, POI



Saturday Academic Events Only Schedule

Saturday Academic Events Only Schedule

8:15  Registration

9:00  Ready Writing AVS 1. Computer Science Written AVS 2

9:15  Number Sense AVS 4

9:30  Computer Applications SLH, Current Events AVS 5

10:00  Calculator Applications AVS 4

11:00  Copy Editing AVS 3

11:30 News Writing AVS 3, Spelling AVS 4, Literary Criticism AVS 13, Science SLH, Accounting AVS 5, Computer Science Programming AVS 2

12:30  Feature Writing AVS 3

2:30  Editorial Writing AVS 3, Mathematics AVS 4, Social Studies AVS 5

3:30  Headline Writing AVS 3



Academic Pattern A:  Ready Writing, Number Sense, Computer Applications, Current Evetns

Academic Pattern B:  Calculator Applications

Academic Pattern C:  News Writing, Spelling, Literary Criticism, Science, Accounting, Computer Science Programming, Copy Editing

Academic Pattern D:  Feature Writing

Academic Pattern E:  Editorial Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer Science Written

Academic Pattern F:  Headline Writing



















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