2020 El Campo High School UIL Tournament
Dates: 1/17/2020 - 1/18/2020




1. ECHS is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.

2. Cross enter at your own risk! We cannot hold up the tournament for the sake of a few. Make sure you are signed in to your rooms. Students may only enter two events per category. Debaters may not cross enter in section C.

3. Students using vulgarites or behaving improperly (in our out of rounds) may be disqualified.

4. Judge's decisions are FINAL!

5. Cell phones are not allowed in extemp draw and should be off during any competitive round.

6. No food or drinks in the buildings. (Water is okay) Students with food or drinks in the building may be disqualified. No loud music in the halls, cafeteria, or commons area.

7. All material with the exception of Reader's Theatre, Oration, and Political Cartoon MUST be published.

8. A novice is considered anyone who has not competed in the type of event prior to the 2019-20 school year.  For example, if you competed in any debate event prior to this year, you are no longer a novice in any other type of debate.  Please keep the playing field fair!

9. Do not enter a room until a judge is present!

10. Keep your space clean and tidy! 

If you are entering debaters on Friday who will not return to compete on Saturday, you must alert the tab room before the tournament begins.  Student's who are not returning on Saturday will not be eligible for awards.  Also, we will not take requests to avoid divisions hitting same divisions.  We will only guarantee that debaters from the same school will not meet in prelims.  Pairings are done randomly by the computer and are blind.  We will break brackets for out rounds if necessary. 

 Event Guidelines 

Reminder:  Prose and Poetry have new UIL guidelines this year.  To see the guidelines in detail, please visit the UIL web site:  http://www.uiltexas.org/speech/oral-interp

N & S Extemp:        (Please note:  we do not divide extemp into UIL persuasive and informative.  The topics are mixed.)  Draw 5 topics, choose 1.  30 min prep.  7 min max speaking time.  Students will draw at 5 min. intervals for prelims.  This is necessary due to time constraints.   10 min intervals will be used in finals.  Topics are a mixture of persuasive and informative.  Lap tops are allowed using UIL guidelines. 


N & S Poetry:             UIL Categories for ALL. 7 min max.  Prelims – Cat A; Semis - Cat B; Finals – Choice (Documentation done in the Library before semifinals for SENIOR poetry only.  Both A& B documentation is checked at this time.)

Dramatic Interp        Introduction required. 10 min max. No costume, no props. Must be memorized.  It should be from a published source.

Humorous Interp Introduction required.  10 min max.  No costume, no props.  Must be memorized.  It should be from a published source.

Impromptu:  The speaker draws three topics and has 30 seconds to choose one. 7 min max (combined prep and speaking time).  Topics will be humorous, serious, and quotations. 


N & S Prose: UIL Categories for ALL. 7 min max.  Prelims – Cat A; Semis - Cat B; Finals – Choice (Documentation done in the Library before semifinals for SENIOR prose only.  Both A & B are checked.)


Reader’s Theater:  3-5 people.  Minimal movement.  Must place script in a folder.  Prose, poetry, drama, essays, & original material accepted. 12 min max. 


Group Improv: 3-5 people.  Intro required. 5 min prep. 5 min max performance.  Ideally, one group will perform while one group preps.  Groups will draw 3 topics and choose 1.  Topics will consist of situations, words, and props.  Judges decisions on poor taste will be final.

Record Mime: Must bring own music and CD/tape player/speaker. 5 min max. Props and costumes are allowed. 


Oration: Must furnish original script to judge if asked, quotes should be highlighted.  Must be memorized.  10 min max.  No speeches from years prior to the 2019-20 school year shall be used. 


Soap Box: Students should give a speech that lets them get “on their soap box” about something that bothers them.  5min. max.  Topics should be in good taste. 


Story Telling: Children’s stories must be published.  No props or costumes. Must use the book.  Stand or sit.  7 min max. Must have an introduction.  Contestants will have children for judges in finals.  


Duet Acting: Humorous or dramatic. No costumes or props.  Intro required. 12 min max. Must be memorized.


CX & LD Debate: Follow UIL guidelines.  LD uses  SPRING UIL not TFA topic.  May use lap top computers. Please see UIL guidelines for laptops.


UIL Spring LD Debate topic Resolved:  Gentrification is just.


Bible Reading: Bring 3 selections from the Bible read one per round.  May use Bible or binder. 5 min max. Must have an introduction.


Poster Design:  Students may design an advertising poster for the play of their choice.  The poster must include Title, author, publisher, dates, times, and ticket prices.  Any other information is up to the designer.

Set Design:  Students may sketch or create a model of a set for the play of their choice.  Along with the set design, students should supply the title of the play, author, setting, time period and any other information we may need regarding the design. 
Students entering Poster & Set design do not need to be physically present to participate.  Schools may bring entries to the tab room when registering.

Political Cartoon:  Students should create an original political cartoon.  Cartoons should be in black and white.  The cartoon should be timely, creative, and in good taste.  


Costume design: Students can scetch a design with rendering and swatch  or create a costume.  The student should clearly demonstrate the play title, author of play, and character for the design.


We will offer the following event patterns.  Students may cross-enter two events per pattern for speech and drama events.  Debaters may not cross enter in pattern C.   

Pattern A:   Novice & Senior Extemp, Novice and Senior Poetry, Group Improv


Pattern B:  Impromptu, HI, DI, Novice and Senior Prose, Reader's Theater


Pattern C:  Novice and Senior CX, Novice and Senior LD, Record mime, Bible Reading, Auditioning


Pattern D:  Oratory, Soapbox, Story Telling, Duet Acting, POI


OPEN Pattern:  Set Design, Political Cartoon,  Costume Design and Poster Design 


We will hand out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies in all events.  We also give out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Sweepstakes.  We will give a Small School (A, AA division) and Small Entry Sweepstakes trophy.  This year, the small entry Sweepstakes will be determined by size of entry, not classification.  We also have these special awards:

Best Speaker, Best Actor, Best Reader, Best CX Debater, Best All Around, and Best Novice. To be eligible for Best All Around, preference is given to students competing in at least one of each type of event: Speech, Debate, Interp and/ or Acting.


A NOTE on our judges:  Our judges are trained community judges, former competitors, and coaches.  We do not hire judges, nor do we charge YOU judging fees.  We will deduct entry fees if you are willing to bring ADDITIONAL judges to the tournament.







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