2020 El Campo High School UIL Tournament
Dates: 1/17/2020 - 1/18/2020


El Campo High School UIL Invitational Meet








January 18th 

The El Campo High School Academic Team invites you to participate in our 8th annual UIL invitational meet January 18 .  We hope to offer a well-run tournament with excellent competition for schools of all sizes.  We will UIL Set A and orignial test for Spelling.


Events:            We will offer all UIL academic events.  Please note, the ECHS Speech and Drama will be on the same campus on the same day.   These are independent tournaments.  They will share student lounge and hospitality lounge but have separate tournament directors, sweepstakes, entries, and schedules. 


         For academic events sweepstakes, the tournament will be divided into a "small school" division (1A, 2A, 3A) and a "large school" division (4A ,5A and 6A). 


Fees:   Each event entry is $6.00. As you register on-line, your total fees are calculated.


Judging:          We expect academic coaches to assist with grading in academic contests. We will have hired judges to judge Journalism events and Ready Writing.


Event Rules:    Refer to the Constitution & Contest Rules for all UIL events. 


Awards:           Awards will be given for 1st through 6th place.  Team awards will be given to the top school in qualifying events.  Academic sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to the top school in the large school division as well as in the small school division. 


Entry Form:    ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE BY 4:00 P.M. ON Monday, January 13th.  We will reach capacity quickly in Computer Applications (25), Journalism events (20) and Ready Writing (20) so we urge you to reserve your entry early.  You have until Wedensday, January 10 to make any changes to your entry.  After the 10th, You will be financially responsible for the entries you reserve.  Please make sure we at ECHS have emails for all of your coaches attending so that we may send ALL participating coaches updates for the tournament.  You may email your additional contact information to kskinner@ecisd.org.  

Drop Policy:    Academic drops (or no-shows)  result in the loss of entry fees.


Substitutions:   There is no charge for substitutions.  All substitutions should be submitted on paper to the tab room at registration and prior to the academic contest.   "Warm bodies" will not be able to compete and you will forfeit entry fees if these conditions are not met:  Academic subs:  report to the contest director 15 minutes prior to the start of the round.  Names of all subs must be submitted in writing. 


Hospitality:      Food will be provided for coaches, judges and bus drivers.  Food and drinks for students will be sold in the cafeteria. 


Conflict Pattern: We tried to stick to the UIL Conflict Pattern.  The events are divided up into Academic patterns.  Students may not cross-enter within the pattern.


Academic Pattern A:  Ready Writing, Number Sense, Computer Applications, Current Events

Academic Pattern B:  Calculator Applications, Copy Editing

Academic Pattern C:  News Writing, Spelling, Literary Criticism, Science, Accounting, Computer Science Programming

Academic Pattern D:  Feature Writing

Academic Pattern E:  Editorial Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer Science

Academic Pattern F:  Headline Writing


RESULTS:  ECHS is not responsible for mailing results or tropies to the school.  Any school wisihg to have results mailed to them must bring a self addressed envelope and provide $5.00 to cover the cost to mail the results and tests.  We can only mail ribbons and some medals.  We will not mail trophies.  Trophies will be kept in our central office and you or a representative from your school may make arrangements to pick up the the trophies. 












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