2020 El Campo High School UIL Tournament
Dates: 1/17/2020 - 1/18/2020




We Invite you to attend our 44th Aual 

UIL Academic and UIL Speech, Debate & Drama


Hindsigtht is 20/20! 

Come back in time with us as we celebrate blasts from the past!



Hello UIL Academic Coaches,

     You are cordially invited to the El Campo High School 44th Annual UIL Academics and Speech & Drama Tournament on January 17th & 18th at El Campo High School. We will be offering a wide variety of events in speech, debate, acting, and oral interpretation.  All prelims of debate and Bible Reading (prelims, semis and finals) will take place on Friday, January 17th.  All other events and elimination rounds of debate will take place on Saturday, January 18th. 
     We will also host an academic contest offering all UIL Academics.  We use UIL  Set A material and  tests from other vendors.  We do not follow the conflict pattern.  We run the Academic and Speech/ Debate contests as separate tournaments on the same campus.  Please have your student's pay close attention to entry times.  Speech and debate events wil not wait for Academic contests past the alloted, scheduled time.  Cross entering is done at your own risk.
  All school entries must be submitted by Monday, January 13 at 4 PM. All schools entered by that date may make changes until Wednesday, January 15th at 4pm. 

Please report any drops as soon as possible.  Drops made after Wednesday, January 15th  will result in loss of entry fee.  Debate drops made after Thursday, January 16th will result in a double drop fee.  Because space is sometimes limited, we will allow adds, but on a first come first serve basis.
     We understand that some schools may not be back from the break by the designated dates for entry submission.  If that is the case, or there are special circumstances, please email kskinner@ecisd.org and alert us to your situation.  We want you to attend and will work to make that happen!

   Please take note of the earlier start times on Friday.  We have student early dismisal that day and can begin the tournament early.
This year we will offer some meal options to our concession stand.  You may elect to purchase meal tickets in advance for your students if you wish.  The lunch meal will be a hamburger, chips and a drink for $6.00.
If you have any questions or concerns you  may cotact the following:
Academic questions email  Stephanie Jensen at sjensen@ecisd.org or Katrese Skinner at kskinner@ecisd.org.
Speech/ Debate questions email Katrese Skinner at kskinner@ecisd.org or David Otradovsky at dotradovsky@ecisd.org.
All entry fee checks should be made payable to
El Campo High School Speech and Drama.
We hope you can attend!
Katrese Skinner

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