2019 ECISD Yellow Zone Invitational
Dates: 11/9/2019

ECISD Elementary YELLOW Invitational UIL Tournament




Cross enter students at your own risk.


A snack bar will be available.

Each campus is responsible for providing lunch for their students and staff.

A generous number of graders will help run a smooth and timely tournament.  Graders must be present during the grading process to help with this endeavor. 

 Any concerns regarding the contest should be directed to the event director by the UIL coordinator of the participating school.



No food or drinks are allowed outside of the Holding Room.


We will have a “limited” open tab room, located in the library.  Only UIL coordinators will be allowed in the “tab” room.  Coaches will be allowed to verify comments after ballots are stuffed into each team’s bag.



All events will be governed according to UIL rules and regulations.  The A+ handbook and C&CR will be followed for the tournament.  

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