2019 Cypress Woods Tournament
Dates: 9/27/2019 - 9/28/2019

Cypress Woods TFA Invitational

11th Annual Wildcat Classic
13550 Woods Spillane Blvd. * Cypress, TX 77429


Dear Colleagues,

The faculty, staff, administration and Speech/Debate team of Cypress Woods High School gladly invite you to join us for our tenth annual Texas Forensics Association State Qualifying tournament taking place September 27-28th, 2019.  We are very excited to be hosting an tournament experience.  We are offering four preliminary rounds of LD and PF and three preliminary rounds of CX Debate.   

We are in a state of the art facilities located just off of Highway 290 West and Spring Cypress.  Our physical address is 13550 Woods Spillane Blvd, Cypress, TX 77429.  We are thrilled to share our wonderful facilities with the forensics community.    

We will offer all TFA events as well as Impromptu, Prose, Poetry, and Program of Oral Interpretation  We will follow all TFA rules for events.  These rules can be accessed on the TFA web page at www.txfa.org For the piloted NSDA events we will follow the rules on the NSDA website at www.speechanddebate.org

All students who advance to finals in IE’s will receive an award and all debaters advancing to quarter finals rounds will receive awards as well. Please see the event sections and guideline pages for further explanation of event offerings.  We reserve the right to collapse novice divisions into varsity to better serve the community in our attempt to maximize TFA qualifying points. 

Important Information & Deadlines                                                                         

·        All school entries must be submitted online via Joy of Tournament by  Friday, September 20, 2019 no later than 3:00 p.m.                                                                      

·         Any drops after 3:00 pm on Friday, September 25th will incur a loss of entry fee.                                                                                                                                        

·         Confirmation of entries may be e-mailed through Joy of Tournaments upon receipt of entry. 

·         If you do not receive a confirmation form within two days, please email to confirm that your entry was received.  

·         Drops after 3 pm on Thursday, Sept 26th will incur a loss of twice the entry fee. (We want a well-run tournament, not your money!)   

·         Debate Drops the day of the tournament will result in an additional $50 fee.


Entry Information and Events

Please use Joy of Tournaments to submit all entries.  E-mail any name changes after Friday, September 20th or make them at registration.  

We look forward to showing you all the Way of the Woods this September! 

Jacob Koshak
Director of Forensics                      


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