2020 Columbia High School Tournament
Dates: 1/11/2020
Please join us for our 18th annual speech and drama tournament.  We are extremely excited about this tournament and hope that you will make plans to join us.  Because our tournament has grown over the last few years but our campus hasn’t our space becomes limited very quickly, due to this, we can only guarantee the first 6 entries per event.  All names past the first six will be placed on a waiting list.  You will be notified if any of your official entries are dropped after the January 8th deadline.  Entries on the waiting list will be added before any new ads that are received after January 8th.  If you have any questions please feel free to email/call.
Students are only allowed to enter two events per category (including substitutions for another student and group events), and this is done at the students risk.  CX Debaters cannot cross enter in category B; any debater could be DQ'd if not in their LD round within 5 minutes of opponent and judge arriving in room.  Coaches please see that your competitors comply with the rules.
So please, come join the fun!
Entry deadline for entering is Tuesday January 7, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
Drop deadline is 12:00 noon Friday January 10, 2020.
Speaking events:
Pattern A:                                                                        Pattern B:
Novice Extemp                                                            LD Debate (Novice & Senior)
Senior Extemp                                                           CX Debate (Novice & Senior)
Novice Prose                                                                    Record Mime
Senior Prose                                                                    Storytelling
Novice Poetry                                                                  Group Improv
Senior Poetry                                                                   Soapbox
The speaking events are patterned.  Cross enter at your own risk, only two events per pattern.
We are dedicated to running an efficient tournament for your benefit and enjoyment.  If your student does not make the round in  the allotted time frame the student will be disqualified.
In Pattern “A” Extemp (either Informative or Persuasive) counts as one event.
In Pattern “B” Debate (either LD or CX) counts as one event.
You may not enter in both Informative and Persuasive.  You may not enter both LD Debate and CX Debate.
You will be required to furnish judges per the following:

CX and LD – 1 judge for every 4 entries.
IE’s – 1 judge for every 7 entries.


Individual Events - $10.00
Debate - $20.00
School Fee - $25 
For more information contact:
Terry German                                                                     
Theatre and Debate Coach                                                                               
(979)345-5147 x2030                                                                                                   
(979)824-2728 cell

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