2019 China Spring High School UIL Tournament
Dates: 1/12/2019


All academic materials (with the exception of Spelling and Vocabulary) will be Invitational A tests designed by the UIL. Spelling materials will be provided by ASW Enterprises and will be administered in a computer lab (contestants must provide their own headphones). All writing/journalism events will be administered in a computer lab, but students may feel free to use pen and paper if they feel more comfortable with that.


Students may enter one debate event. Debaters may not enter any other event (academic or speech). Competitors may cross enter between extemp and interp or any individual speech event with academic events so long as they do not occur at conflicting times. We will do our best to adjust speaker order to accommodate cross entries (you must let us know in advance), but we cannot alter testing times. Once a test has started, no one may enter the room late! Students cross enter at their own risk.


Every student entered in extemp or interp will be given three guaranteed rounds of competition. Every debater will be given four guaranteed rounds of competition. If you must leave the tournament early for some reason you must notify the speech/debate contest manager so that we can adjust the pairings/sectionings accordingly. Leaving without notifying us will result in a fee for your school. 

  • CX Debate will be debating the 2018 - 2019 Resolution – Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States. 
  • LD Debate will be debating the UIL SPRING 2019 Resolution  – Resolved: On balance, artificial intelligence improves humanity.
  • Prose and Poetry are recommended to have both categories prepared to get feedback on their performances, but each round will be READER'S CHOICE.


Please make all checks payable to China Spring HS Speech and Debate.

·         CX Debate - $30.00

·         LD Debate - $20.00

·         Prose/Poetry/Extemp Entry - $12.00


·         Academic Event Entry - $10.00

·         Missing Judge Fee - $125.00 (this includes Computer Applications)


·         Ready Writing and Journalism Event Judging Flat Fee- $30.00 per school

·         Drop After 1/9 @ 4:00 - $20.00 for forensics (+ the loss of the entry fee)

 Judging Requirements:

·         Academics – One grader for each event you have entries in - you must have a grader in   Computer Applications.


·         CX – One judge for every 2 entries or portion thereof.

·         LD & PFD – One judge for every 4 entries or portion thereof.

·         IEs* – One judge for every 6 entries or portion thereof.

* If you have a judge that is only qualified to judge only a some of the individual events, please indicate this information in the notes section of the entry and what that event or those events are. If there is no note present, we will assume that the judge is qualified for all individual events and will put them into all pools.

Judging Contracts:

If you are an individual that wishes to pursue a judging contract at this tournament, email your judging résumé and any other pertinent details to Michael Allen Donaldson at mdonadson@chinaspringisd.net.



Coaches, judges, and bus drivers will have access to our wonderful hospitality room all throughout the tournament. We will have breakfast and lunch options available during the appropriate hours in addition to drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Students are encouraged to go to our concession stand that will be open throughout the meet for reasonably priced food and drink. China Spring also has several fast food restaurants that are available for individuals who wish to bring food to the meet.

Sweepstakes and Awards:

We will be using the following system to determine sweepstakes points:

o   1st Place – 15 points

o   2nd Place – 12 points

o   3rd Place – 10 points

o   4th Place – 8 points

o   5th Place – 6 points

o   6th Place – 4 points


We will also award 10 points to the winner of each 1st Place Team distinction and 5 points to the 2nd place team in each event. 

General Information:

Any general questions should be addressed to Michael Allen Donaldson at mdonaldson@chinaspringisd.net or at (254)640–5785.

·         We will work our very best to protect districts in policy debate. Depending upon the total number of entries, we may not be able to do this, but we certainly plan on trying. We will not protect districts in LD debate.

·         Postings for all rounds will be made available in the cafeteria and other locations during the day.

·         We will accelerate the schedule as possible, so please don’t leave the campus.  If you end up missing a round because you were somewhere else, it will count as a forfeit.

·         Judges are allowed and encouraged to give an oral critique after debate rounds, but this form of critique should NOT replace a well written ballot. Additionally, all oral critiques should be short and to-the-point, and all ballots should be returned to the tab room within 5 minutes of the round’s completion, if at all possible.

·         All participants in this tournament are expected to abide by the China Spring ISD code of conduct.

·         An adult sponsor should be with students at all times throughout the tournament.

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