2020 CFISD Novice Night #4
Dates: 5/19/2020

Dear Coaches,

I am so excited to host the May Novice Night and have you visit Cy Woods! Please do not arrive on campus prior to 3:00 if at all possible. If this is an issue, e-mail me at jacob.koshak@cfisd.net so I can plan ahead.

We will only be using classrooms on ________________

Students will wait in the cafeteria area when you arrive on campus and until the tournament starts.  After 3:00 pm students can move into _______________

Debate rounds and debate ballots will be on the 2nd floor.  IE rounds and ballots will be on the 2nd floor.

Coaches will be on the 2nd floor, and the concession stand will be on the ___ floor.


Guidelines for Students and Room Usage:    

 1. Students should NOT be on the first floor once rounds start and should not wander around the building.  There will be designated areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors where they are to go in between rounds.

Extemp Draw is in __________ Draw will be at 4:00 and rounds will start at 4:30. 


Postings will be .  IE and Debate postings will be .

2. No food or drinks should be in the classrooms.  

3. If students move desks, please put them back in orginal position when done.

4. If you are in a vacant classroom make sure that you DO NOT throw away trash in the classroom.

5. Lock down curtains in the classrooms MUST remain open and cannot be pulled closed.

6. It is expected that students are in rounds and not hanging out in the halls.




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