2020 Caney Creek High School Tournament
Dates: 1/24/2020 - 1/25/2020



The Caney Creek speech and academic teams invite you to our new UIL invitational meet on Jan. 24-25, 2020 at Caney Creek High School.    

Events.  We will offer all UIL academic and speech events. UPDATE: CX debate will be offered after requests.  LD begins on Friday, as well as the written and hands-on portion of the computer science test. All other events will be held on Saturday. 

Divisions.  Awards will not be divided into small/large school divisions..  

Materials.  We will use third-party materials.

Judging.  Academic coaches are expected to grade. Schools with speech entries must either provide a qualified and experienced judge for ALL rounds (including FINALS) or pay a $150 fee. Qualified hired judges will also be used.  We prefer your judges to your money!

Hospitality.  Food will be provided for coaches, judges and bus drivers, including dinner Friday night as well as breakfast, lunch, and a snack on Saturday. Concessions for students will be sold in the cafeteria.  



Academic events:                           $10 per entry

Individual speech events:               $15 per entry

LD & CX:                                       $20 per entry

Speech judging fees:              $150 per school with speech entries OR provide qualified judge for EVERY ROUND (including finals) or until your school is knocked out.


Once your school is entered, you are obligated for all fees.  Drops made after 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 10, 2020 will result in loss of entry fee.  Speech no-shows and drops made on the day of the contest will result in double entry fees.



  1. If your academic contestants wish to cross-enter in speech events, please pay careful attention to the schedule to avoid time conflicts.  We will not delay the start of academic contests for the sake of missing students!
  2. Each Computer Applications contestant must provide ALL hardware, software, and supplies (including paper, surge protector and extension cord).  Rooms will open at 9:30 am for set-up.  If there is no grader provided, your student will be disqualified.  Event limit: 36 entries
  3. Due to space and electrical plug availability constraints, the use of laptops will not be allowed in journalism events.  We will offer these events in a computer lab and printing will be provided.
  4. We will enforce the following entry limits on a first-come, first-served basis.  Any students over this limit you can add to a waiting list.  If we have space for additional students, we'll add in the extras!
  5. We will announce results throughout the day.  Please make certain a representative from your school is present until results from ALL of your students’ events have been announced. Students' papers and a clean copy of each test will be available in brown paper bags in the tab room.  Any unclaimed materials will be discarded after the tournament.  We will NOT mail any unclaimed papers or awards.

Computer Applications: Limit 4 per school, maximum 36 entries

Computer Science: No limit for written portion, must e-mail smgreen@conroeisd.net to enter the hands-on portion (I will manually add the entry to your school)--only the first 15 entries will be allowed. 

Journalism & Ready Writing: Limit 4 per school, maximum 42 entries. Students will be pulled from the waiting list if the event does not max out by final registration deadline.




We will offer the following events: LD & CX debate, Informative and Persuasive Extemp, Prose, and Poetry.  There are no novice divisions.


There are unlimited entries in all speech/debate events except LD. LD is limited to 6 entries per school. We will close entries when we reach room capacity. Students may enter as many events as they choose EXCEPT they may only enter one extemp.  We will NOT hold any rounds for students who are late, regardless of cross entry.  Cross enter at your own risk! (We MAY open the wait list after registration closes, depending on our confirmed judges).


Schools will be expected to either bring a QUALIFIED judge to the contest or pay a $150 judging fee in order to allow for CCHS to hire a contract judge. All money is used to hire quality judges to ensure quality ballots.

 Judging Expectations

School judges must be present FIFTEEN minutes prior to each round (unless they are currently judging) in order to ensure that the tournament runs on time. If a school judge is not present for judge call - they will have to pay a judge fee of $150 in order to cover judging for their absence.

 Event Rules and Descriptions

Prose and Poetry: UIL rules will apply.  Documentation will be checked IF a challenge occurs. The category for Prelims will be Category A,  Semis will be Category B. Finals will be readers choice.

LD Debate: the current UIL topic will be used. Please see the UIL website to get the current topic. Prelims will be flighted.  Rounds 1, 2 are pre-set. Round 3 is power matched. We’re hoping for LD to break to quarterfinals.


We will give awards for 1-6th place. Debate 5th and 6th will be determined by speaker points.  Sweepstakes will be awarded to the top 2 schools.  Awards will be presented as events are completed. Awards will not be mailed to schools that leave before they are announced.

 Drop fees/cancellations/changes

Please expect your school to be billed for the fees should you violate the deadlines for dropping students. We will not charge for substitutions as long as the original number of people entered does not change in the event.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  See you in January!


Stephen Green

UIL Academic Coordinator




Joseph Collatos

Speech & Debate Coach



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