2019 Buffalo High School Teaching Tournament
Dates: 9/14/2019

Looking for a tournament that can jump-start ALL of your speech students for a successful year? You’ve found the perfect event!

Buffalo High School’s Teaching Tournament  offers novice students unique educational sessions, debate briefs, interp selections, extemp files, and practice rounds while still giving varsity debaters a chance to run rounds and gain experience. A novice is anyone in his or her first year of competition in the event. However, please be aware that some novices may have attended camps this summer. The novice division is created to stress the educational value, not the competition. Because we are committed to providing a quality tournament experience, we have created a unique schedule that allows for all students to participate in the forensic experience. Please be sure to study the schedule carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Novice students will have arguments and files provided for them to use for the tournament. We will use the Fall UIL LD topic and the 2019-2020 CX topic for instruction and rounds. 


CX: Chris O'Brien and Steel Musgrove

LD: John Anderson and Richard Colling

Extemp: Kay Edwards

Interp: Stan Standley

Congress: Tim Cook 

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