2020 Biloxi CFL District Tournament
Dates: 2/7/2020 - 2/8/2020
Biloxi Catholic Forensic League
National Tournament Qualifiers 
District Qualifiers...February 7-8, 2020
National Tournament site...Chicago, Illinois
Host school for District Qualifiers-Oak Grove HS, Hattiesburg, MS
No entries will be accepted after this date. Drops may be made until Tuesday, February 4th without penalty. 


The schedule for this year's tournament has been changed to accomadate the ACT Testing taking place at OGHS.  Because of this, any students competing at BCFL (except for Congress competitors) MAY TAKE THE ACT if they sign up to take it at Oak Grove HS

Events offered at our BCFL tournament and national tournament:  
 1. Policy Debate
 2. Lincoln Douglas Debate
 3. Congress
 4. Dramatic Performance (must be either dramatic or humorous interp and from a published source which can be
 5. Original Oratory (Should have copy of oration at the tournament with cover sheet signed by student and coach to
     verify that speech was written by student).
 6. Declamation
 7. Oral Interpretation of Literature (must have both prose and poetry). Must be from a published source which can be             authenticated. 
 8. Extemporaneous Speaking
 9. Duo Interpretation of Literature- Two students may present one or more characters per actor.  Must be from a
     published source which can be authenticated. This event must be memorized. 
 10. Public Forum Debate
There will not be a script check at registration.  The original script (or the html) should be at the tournament in case of a challenge to the material.  
The general guidelines for acceptable interp. materials are posted below.
Published source has changed dramatically due to changes in CFL standards. Students may get material from the Internet as long as they can show proof of purchase of the product. It must fit into the category definition of piece selections. Pieces must be PUBLISHED. If a recording does not have a published script, it cannot be used. The selections can also be from the Internet without purchase as long as the piece is publicly obtainable for all. Declamations can be former oratories of students.  
Below is the exact wording of the CFL website:
The intent of the NCFL is that all materials presented in interpretation events must be available to all members of the league. At the NCFL tournament, coaches should bring an original script with an ISBN, ISSN, or IFFN. If the script does not have an ISBN, ISSN, or IFFN, the coach or supervising adult must be able to show that the script was purchased or obtained commercially; ie. from a literary agent or publisher or bill of sale or is publicly available by internet URL and retrieval date. Lines which are attributed to one character in a published play or script may not be attributed to another character in the performance. The author's words as published in the literature may not be altered for the presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted. Material being performed at the NCFL tournament must match the student’s original script.
1.Issues with students being allowed to touch the floor.
The NCFL made rule changes at its fall meeting. In the events of Dramatic Performance, Declamation, Oratory, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Duo Interpretation, the restrictions for touching the floor with anything other than the student's feet is now gone. Here is the wording from the NCFL website:
Positions other than standing should not be excessive in length or dominate the performance.

NOTE: The rules for Oral Interpretation have not changed. Students may not touch the floor with anything other than their feet.
2. Issues of connectivity
The Amendment to the ByLaws passed as follows: 
In Article II, Section D, 9. The use of computers, electronic storage and retrieval devices, etc is allowed in rounds of Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Student Congress, and in the Extemporaneous Speaking Preparation Room. They are not allowed in any other event. In the Extemporaneous Speaking Preparation Room, connectivity is not allowed. This includes the prohibition of the use of wired or wireless local, or wide, area networks; cell phones; etc. The establishment of such a connection will constitute a violation of this rule. In Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Student Congress, connectivity to any persons other than the competitors or judges in the round is not allowed. Competitors violating this rule will be disqualified from competition. No guarantee of power or of internet connectivity should be presumed. Students wishing to use digital devices 
must be responsible for providing these resources and for having an alternative plan if the digital devices fail. 
PLEASE, PLEASE...check all rules on the NCFL website!
Food options for students and judges:
Students will be able to purchase food from the student lounge. 
There will be a judges' lounge for coaches and judges. 

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