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Hello Friends, Fans, and Joy of Tournaments Family,

We have come to the end of an awesome season with you. This season, though, is not the end of a debate season. We are sad to announce that Joy of Tournaments is closing its doors.

Over the years, it has been our pleaseure and privilege to serve the forensic community. To us, you've been much more than just a've become an extended family. We've cultivated so many wonderful relationships and had countless amazing conversations that have left us with a genuine personal history with so many of you. We will truly miss the sunshine you brought to our school year, and we'll miss working with you.

Our decision does not come lightly as we appreciate the many people who have depended on us for a long time; however, COVID-19 has brought a lot of change to the world of in-person tournaments.

A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has made this journey with us. We appreciate the support, encouragement, and trust that you placed in us for over two decades.

We pray you and your family are staying safe as you navigate the COVID-19 landscape. As this new school year begins and you adapt to the myriad of changes and settle into a new normal, please know we are here cheering you on as you continue to develop great communicators and future leaders.

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