2019 Hillcrest Joust
Dates: 11/1/2019 - 11/2/2019

Hillcrest Joust Speech and Debate Tournament
November 2-3, 2019

Rounds Start at 4:00 pm Friday 

Hillcrest High School
Ammon, Idaho

Welcome to the Joust Registration page. 


Please read all pages carefully prior to registering. 

Registration Deadline:  NO LATER thanTuesday October 29th 5:30 PM / However the Tournament may close MUCH sooner due to being completely full!



NOTE: Hillcrest will be "IN SCHOOL" until 3:48. Please instruct your students to stay in the Cafeteria area until we begin. Thank You. 

The Joust will offer the following speech events:

 After DinnerSpeaking-Extemporaneous Speaking (Two Divisions if Numbers allow: Foriegn and Domestic)-Expository-Impromptu-Duo Interp-Humorous Interp-Dramatic Interp-Original Oratory-Oratorical Analysis-Program Oral Interp-DUO Radio Broadcasting-Salesmanship .

In Team and solo debate we will offer Novice and Varsity Divisions as well as JV  in Public Forum. Divisions MAY be collapsed if entry levels are low [if divisions are collapsed notice will be sent out at the time the decision is made]. At this point, Congressional Debate will be offered as a continuous event Friday and Saturday. November/December Debate topics will be in play. We WILL offer both Big Questions and World Schools [two divisions] Debate. 

You may enter 4 students in each Speech event.  You may also enter a total of  30 students (not entries) in debate events with a limit of 4 entries in a single event. Additional entries will be wait-listed and added depending on room: Very large teams may enter a second squad upon permission from tournament host.

Congress runs during Debate, a school may enter 10 congressional debaters.

Please Do NOT enter "second squad" students in any event without explicit permission from the tournament host.  Remember -- 30 debaters in debate events [to accomodate World Schools], NOT 20 entries.


Judge requirements: 1 judge for every 5 speech and/or Congress entries, 1 for every 4 LD, BQ, and PF entries, 1 for every 2 CX or WS entries. 


  1. Drops and Adds and Registration: Registration will close as soon as the tournament is full. Schools and students may register on the waitlist. Each event has a waitlist, students on the waitlist will be added to the tournament at the point room becomes available. Once a school is registered, they may make changes until October 30th at 5:30 PM with no financial penalty. Beginning October 30th at 5:30 PM, changes will be allowed at fee of $25.00. Beginning on October 31st, at 5:30 PM, drops will be assessed a fee of $50. The host may add your waitlisted student, but coaches will not be allowed to add.  
  2. Please remind students to be respectful of all properties.
  3. Concessions will be available both days at Hillcrest.
  4. Food will be supplied for ADULT judges and coaches. 
  5. As always, NO STUDENT may enter a room for competition until the judge is present in the room. Violaters will be disqualified. 
  6. Please remind students that security cameras  will be running and that "Big Brother" IS watching.
  7. We will be competing in the main high school building as well as the 16 trailers (8 to the North / 8 to the South) so please remind students to hurry between rounds. Also, remind your judges to return ballots as quickly as possible as we will be "pushing" ballots HARD in a serious attempt to keep on (or ahead of) schedule.
  8. Please remember, each coach is responsible for the judges hired to cover their judge obligation. This means, coaches are responsible for ensuring their judges are present, on time, and picking up and dropping off ballots.
  9. If a judge is a NO SHOW and does not pick up ballots, the school will be billed $20.00 per round. A NO SHOW JUDGE FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT WILL COST THE RESPONSIBLE SCHOOL $100.00.
  10. No Kritiks nor Counterplans in Novice division. 
  11. All judges must be registered by October 30, 2019.

 The host school reserves the right to over-enter into the tournament.

Questions or Problems?

Please email:

Clif Davis at daviscli@d93.k12.id.us, / clifdb8coach@gmail.com




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