2018 Gate City @ Highland
Dates: 10/26/2018 - 10/27/2018

 The Gate City Invitational

October 26-27, 2018

Highland High School

Pocatello, ID


We would like to welcome you to the 10th Annual Gate City Speech and Debate tournament hosted by Highland High School. The tournament will be held at Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho on Friday and Saturday, October 26-27, 2018.
The tournament will feature Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum and Policy Debate formats in novice and open divisions, as well as individual events as an open division. We also will offer the newest format of debate, World Schools Debate. This will run in Open division. Student Congress will also be offered during debate. Please note Congress will be offered as a debate event. Double entry will be allowed in speech events, so a student may enter up to two speech events and one debate  event. HOWEVER, the tournament will not wait for a double entered speech competitor... it is the responsibility of the competitor to make it to their rounds on time. Double entry is a risk; keep that in mind.

Individual Events
Individual events offered for competition will include Original Oratory, Oratorical Analysis, After Dinner Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Informative Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Retold Story, Sales,  Duo Radio, Program Oral Interp and Impromptu Speaking. Students may double enter, provided they understand that rounds will not be held past their allotted time to accomodate double entered competitors. Novices will compete in the Open division. This tournament will adhere to the IHSAA Speech Arts Rules.

Duo Radio
Our tournament will be offering Duo Radio this year. The rules are the exact same from regular Radio Broadcasting, but includes two people. Both individuals will be in the draw room and will be held to the same rules.
Radio/Broadcast Journalism:
Time:  5:30-6:00 minutes
Time signals not Provided
All contestants use the same material provided by the tournament managment. The contestant is allowed a 30 minute period to prepare a news broadcast from the material provided. This speech must include a minimum of three pieces of news. The speech shall be a news broadcast with an original commercial of no fewer than 30 seconds and an editorial commentary about a news item covered in the provided material. The editorial commentary, which shall be an origianl extemporaneous editorial reflecting the opinion of the contestant on a news story used in the presentation shall consume between 1-2 minutes of the total speech and shall be presented in the last half of the broadcast. Students shall enter the room one at a time while other contestants wait outside. Contestants shall sit with their back toward the judge. Emphasis should be placed on presentation of the news stories, commercial and editorial commentary. Note this is not an interpretation event. Contestants may time themselves. Contestants must give the judge the news article that they use for their commentary after completing their speech.

Student Congress

Students participating in Student Congress should be aware that Congress runs during debate. This year students may submit legislation, in addition we will be using the NSDA 2018 October legislation docket. You can download docket from speechanddebate.org, under "Resources." (Free to all members)
Students should print off a docket prior to the tournament as a copy will not be provided at the tournament. The Tournaments Official docket will be emailed to coaches on October 19th.

Students may also submit legislation to: HighlandDb8@gmail.com with a notation that it is for Student Congress at the Gate City Tournament.  Legislation will be due Ocotober 17th before 5:00 PM.

Policy Debate
The Idaho Debate code will be followed at this tournament.  For any questions regarding rules look to the code. Or e-mail us at HighlandDb8@gmail.com
Novice Policy teams will be limited to cases on the Idaho Novice Case List.
The five plan texts from which novice policy debaters may choose an affirmative case during the 2018-2019 season include the following:
---The United States Federal Government should enact the DREAM Act of 2017.
---The United States Federal Government should expand the definition of a ‘particular social group’ to include gender for the purposes of determining eligibility for asylum.
---The United States Federal Government should substantially increase access and availability of H-1B visas in the United States.
---The United States Federal Government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal refugee immigration.
---The United States Federal Government should open its borders to allow free movement of peoples.
No counterplans permitted.
No kritiks nor critical affirmatives permitted.


Varsity Policy debate will be debating the topic: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lincoln-Douglas debate will use the November/December debate topic:

Public Forum Debate
Public Forum debate will use the November/December debate topic. 
Novice and Varsity divisions will be offered. Oral critiques will not be allowed. 

Each school is required to supply enough judges to cover their entry.
Judge Requirements:
1 Judge per two policy entries
1 Judge per four LD debate entries
1 judge per four Public Forum entries
1 judge for every six speech entries
1 judge for every five congress entries.
 Judges should arrive in time to attend the judges meeting prior to the tournament. For Each uncovered (Speech or Debate) round your team will be charged a $ 20.00 Fee.

Entry Limits/Deadline
Schools are encouraged to enter early as space is limited. All entries must be received by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 23rd . A $50.00 drop fee will be charged for all drops after the second drop deadline, Thursday, October 25 at 5:00 PM.  Entries must be entered on joyoftournaments.com. If room allows additional entries will be allowed. Call to check on debate space availability.

Concessions will be available for the participants on both Friday and Saturday. There are not fast food options close by, but we will provide great food (and healthy options) at a reasonable cost to students. Please keep all food in the cafeteria area. Do not take food into the classrooms for rounds. ***If your student has a dietary concern (no dairy, Gluten free), email and let me know as we may have some alternate food options available for those students to purchase.

Registration will begin at 2:00pm on Friday, October 26th, at Highland High School, 1800 Bench Road, Pocatello, Idaho. Coaches register in front of the media center and students will gather in the auditorium. At 2:45 PM there will be a welcome ceremony for students and a simultaneous coaches/judges meeting. Round 1 of Speech is set for 4:00pm (Draw at 3:30)
Questions, comments, or Concerns? Email Robin Christensen at


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