2018 District VI Drama Competition
Dates: 11/3/2018

2017 District 6 Drama Tournament 

Rigby High School

November 3, 2018

SITE: Rigby High School, 3850 E 300 N #2, Rigby, ID 83442

HOST: Jesse Arnold, Rigby High School (jarnold@sd251.org)

MANAGER: Nancy Robinson, Sugar Salem (nrobinson@sugarsalem.com)



We are excited to host the 2018 District 6 Drama tournament.  This event is such a great opportunity for the Drama students of District 6.  We truly hope that this year’s tournament is a positive and educational experience for everyone involved.  Break a Leg!

Treat Rigby High School with Respect

PLEASE! Remember that we are guests at Rigby High School and will be using classrooms and facilities that do not belong to us. We must treat the school with respect and leave it clean and undamaged.Supervise your students as closely as possible. Discuss the importance of the following with your students and judges:

  • NO student may enter a room before the judge arrives.
  • Leave all rooms in their original condition.
  • Do not remove any furniure from the rooms.
  • Please place all trash in proper receptacles.
  • Be responsible for personal items (do not leave anything that might have money/etc. unattended). 

*Concessions will be available to purchase throughout the tournament. 

*There will be a judges and coaches lounge. Food will be provided for judges and coaches only.

FEES: $10.00 per entry and a $15 Trophy Fee (Make checks payable to: Shelley High School Drama)

Note: The Entry Fees pay for all certified judges at the tournament as well as the fees for using Joy of Tournments. You may bring checks to the tournament or mail them to:

Shelley High School, Attn: Camille Gold, 570 W Fir St, Shelley, ID, 83274

ENTRY LIMITS:  Schools may enter a maximum of 8 technical entries (any combination) and 4 acting entries per category.  Students can enter a maximum of 3 events total (2 Acting and 1 Tech, or 2 Tech and 1 Acting, NOT 3 Tech or 3 Acting.)

DEADLINES:  The deadline for Registration and all Drops is November 1st at 4:00p.m.  Any drops after that date will be charged a $25.00 drop fee.  If there are drops/no-shows at the tournament, there will be a $50.00 drop fee. 

JOY OF TOURNAMENTS: We will be using the Joy of Tournament software to register for the District Tournament and also to tabulate the results and assign judges during the tournament.

JUDGES:  1 judge per 5 entries. Please register all of your judges on Joy. (Make a note if the judges are clean to judge all schools, dirty for multiple schools, or perhaps only dirty/clean for certain events.)

PLEASE bring all of your judges! The tournament cannot run without them. It is the primary responsiblity of the coach to ensure that the judge is informed and knowledgeable about the events and judging procedures.

*NOTE: Judges will be required to be certified for the 2018 District 6 Drama Tournament. Contact Shaun Nichols (Bonnevillle nicholss@d93mail.com) for detials on certification clinics.

Clinics will be held October 17th, 24th, and 27th @ Bonneville High School @7pm in Room #228



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