2020 District 6 Speech Tournament
Dates: 4/4/2020

The following statement was written by a coach who has since retired. It has been on our district website for a number of years


Coaches,  Please make every effort to bring a full entry to district speech.  The integrity of this activity is dependent upon dedicated coaches and students.  Many students work hard all year and really deserve a legitimate shot at state. 

If only 9 students enter an event, 3 go on to state.  Limiting our students ability to even go to state is the exact tragedy we should be trying to avoid.   This is a gentle blatant reminder that the more students we can engage in forensics, the better the overall activity, and the more opportunity we provide for students to experience success.

Herman Melville wrote, "We cannot live life for ourselves, a thousand fibers connect us to our fellow man."


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