2019 District 6 Speech
Dates: 3/28/2019

(Rules can be accessed at http://idhsaa.org/manage/articlefiles/39-Speech.pdf )

Fees: There are no individual entry fees. Total fees will be divided among participating schools and invoices will be sent our following the tournament.

Idaho High School Activities Association

                                                             Speech Arts – General Rules


 Rules and Regs

1. At district and state tournaments, students may enter two events: one from Group A and one from Group B.
2. At district tournaments, schools may enter up to four contestants per event.
3. Costumes and/or human assistance are not permitted in any speech event, including draw preparation.

4. All rounds at State Speech ar open to observers
5. Visual /audio aids are permitted only in Salesmanship and Expository Speech.
6. Contestants shall receive no outside assistance once the round has started. In draw events, contestants shall  receive no assistance during preparation time.
7. The use of real weapons, facsimiles thereof, or look-alikes is prohibited.

8. Since there is no double entry no student may be late to round or speak out of order without written permission from the tournament manager.

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