2020 District 6 Speech Tournament
Dates: 4/4/2020

(Rules can be accessed at https://idhsaa.org/asset/SPEECH/Speech%2019-20.pdf)

Fees: There are no individual entry fees. Total fees will be divided among participating schools and invoices will be sent out following the tournament.


Rules: It is the affirmative dutie of each coach and competitor to read and be familiar with the rules Prior to registering for the tournament.

Idaho High School Activities Association

                                                             Speech Arts – General Rules


Season Tournament Limitations.

1. A school or individual may compete in up to ten tournaments for both speech and debate (ex. 3 debate only, 5 speech/debate combined, and 2 speech only). A tournament is defined as four or more schools.

2. No individual may miss more than eight days of school to attend tournaments.

3. Any school or individual exceeding the allowed number of tournaments will be ineligible for district and state tournaments.


State Speech Representation

1.No more than the top 1/3, or any fraction thereof, of the entries that complete all rounds in an event at district speech will advance to State, providedeach qualifier has an excellent or superior rating.

2.State qualifiers will be determined by a cumulative two or three-round ranking and rating. If a tie exists in the last qualifying position, both entries may advance.

3.Honest Effort: If a student does not finish all rounds at District, he/she may be included in the count used to determine the number of state qualifiers provided the tournament manager determines that the non-finish was due to emergency circumstances beyond the student’s control.


1. Alternates shall be determined at the district tournament. Each district may designate and list up to two official alternates for each event, provided they received a superior or excellent rating at the district tournament.

2. In the event a qualifying entry cannot attend State, the official district alternate(s) will be entered. Alternates do not receive redraw rights.

3. Alternates will not be entered if the number of district qualifiers exceeds representation due to ties in the last qualifying position.

4. Drops shall be reported to the IHSAA and changed on the “Joy of Tournaments” website by noon on the Wednesday preceding State. Drops reported after that time will result in a fine being levied against the school (see speech arts general regulations).

5. Alternates replacing late drops will be entered up to the start of the first round at State. First choice will be the alternates from the district reporting the drop. If that alternate is not available, another will be randomly selected from a pool of available district alternates.

6. Schools choosing to bring official district alternates to the state tournament must register them upon arrival at the tournament site.

Entry Limitations District & State

1. At district and state tournaments, students may enter two events: one from Group A and one from Group B.

2.At district tournaments, schools may enter up to sixentries per event, with a maximum of 56 entries total.

Use of Materials

1. Material presented by all contestants shall be appropriate for competition and public performance by high school students. A signed Principal’s Approval Form must be submitted to both district and state tournament managers to verify the principal’s approval of all material presented by his/her students.

2. Materials and/or presentations may not be significantly altered from round to round or from district to state

3.Contestants may not use any material that they have competitively performed at any previous speech artscompetitions.

4.Materials previously performed at district or state tournaments in the current school year shall not be used by that same student in a second district or state tournament.

5.Plagiarism is prohibited. Plagiarism shall be defined as “The practice of taking someone else’s work, performance, or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”

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