2019 District 6 Speech
Dates: 3/28/2019

Dear Coaches,

District Speech is scheduled for March 28th [Thursday] at Madison High School. Please have your entries finalized by Tuesday. March 26, 2019 by 3:00 p.m. Remember to register on Joy of Tournaments.

When you arive at the school, please have your bus drop off by the front doors. Busses can park in the parking lot once they haveunloaded. There will be not be any concessions offered.


Everyone must bring 1 judge per 5 entries or portion thereof.  Remember a judge covers both A and B events, but you must hire judges for your largest category.

Remember that our district's entry to State is dependant on our numbers at District Speech. Since we want as many of our students to go to State as possible, we need to all bring as full an entry as possible. So let's all try to get four in every event, even those in which we don't excell. Here are the rules on representation from the IHSAA website:

Remember to bring your scripts for all interps and original work.  They must be on site. Interps must have origninal source.  Also bring your Principal form signed and your entry sheets for both A and B divisions. Please have them typed.

 State Speech Representation

 1. No more than the top 1/3, or any fraction thereof, of the entries that complete all rounds in an event at district speech will advance to State, provided each qualifier has an excellent or superior rating.

2. State qualifiers will be determined by a cumulative two or three-round ranking and rating. If a tie exists in the last qualifying position, both entries may advance.

3. Honest Effort: If a student does not finish all rounds at District, he/she may be included in the count used to determine the number of state qualifiers provided the tournament manager determines that the non-finish was due to emergency circumstances beyond the student's control.

District-to-state Representation

1-3 = 1 qualifier

4-6 = 2 qualifiers

7-9 = 3 qualifiers

10-12 = 4 qualifiers

13-15 = 5 qualifiers

16-18 = 6 qualifiers

19-21 = 7 qualifiers

22-24 = 8 qualifiers

25-27 = 9 qualifiers

28-30 = 10 qualifiers

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