2018 Holiday Havoc @ Columbia
Dates: 12/7/2018 - 12/8/2018

Holiday Havoc Invitational - 2018

Welcome to the Holiday Havoc Invitational presented by Columbia High School.  We are excited and honored to host you on our campus on Friday and Saturday, December 7 and 8.  We will offer a full-service event in an effort to get some much needed practice before the long holiday break.  This tournament is the seocnd half of the Seasonal Swing with the Canyon County Classic (Novcember 16 and 17) and schoosl that attend both are eligible for a special sweepstakes designation for combined team performance at both tournaments.

On Friday, in debate, we will offer Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy Debate in both novice and varsity divisions.  We will have Congressional Debate, Worlds School Debate, and Big Questions Debate in a varsity division only.  There will be 3 rounds of debate on Friday and the fourth round in LD, PF, CX, Worlds, and Big Questions will be Saturday morning.  In Congress, we will have 2 sessions Friday and 1 Saturday morning. 

On Saturday, there will be 3 preliminary rounds in all IHSAA speech events.  Students may triple enter in speech unless they are in Panel Discussionor a draw event (Extemp, Radio, or Retold) and then they may double enter.  If they are in Panel, they MUST go to that event first beofre their second event.  Students, if they are triple or double entered, do so at their own risk and are responsible for making it to their rounds in time as we will not hold up the tournament due to late arriving students.  

In LD, PF, CX, Worlds School Debate, and Big Questions debate formats there will be the Gold/Silver award round.  In Congressional Debate, there will be a Super Congress final session.

It is recommended that you enter this tournament early to reserve your space.  The entry and change deadline for this tournament is Wednesday, December 5, at 5:00  MST. To make it fair to allow as many schools to enter as possible, entry limits have been placed on this website but waitlisted entries can be made and they will be added as soon as possible to allow for a robust field of competition.  Schools will be limited to 10 entries in each speech event, 6 entries in each division in LD, PF, and Policy debate (6 novice and 6 varsity)  In Congress, the maximum entry per schol is 8.  Schools may enter 2 teams in Worlds School Debate and 6 in Big Questions.  The website will close early if we reach the maximum space allotted to this tournament so early entry is recommended.  I am trying to identify all possible comptition spaces so please let your team know we are doing what we can to accommodate them. 

If you have any questions, please contact tournament hosts Jeff Stoppenhagen at jstoppenhagen@nsd131.org or at cell 208-887-7939 or Assistant Coach Tucker Bates at tuckerbbates@gmail.com or 208-965-5463.  The students, team, coaches, and administration of CHS look forward to welcoming you to Columbia High!

Best regards,

Jeff Stoppenhagen, Program Director

Tucker Bates, Assistant Director

Libby Jordan, Assistant Coach

Logan Potter, Assistant Coach 



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