2019 PBCFL #1 @ Spanish River
Dates: 9/21/2019
Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League Tournament Invitation
DATE: Saturday, September 21
HOST SCHOOL: Spanish River High School, 
HOST COACH: Ryan Wells
Tuesday, September 17, at 3 p.m.is the deadline for registering students and entering meals. At this time, schools are responsible for the $7 meal fee.
Wednesday, September 18, at 3 p.m. is the last opportunity to drop students before the website shuts down. At this time, schools are responsible for the $8 entry fee, the $7 meal fee, and a $10 drop fee ($25 total per student).
  • This is an ALL CONGRESS tournament.
  • There will be a novice division (House) and a varsity division (Senate).
  • This tournament is a CLOSED CAMPUS. No student may leave campus at any time. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament as well as disciplinary action upon returning to the student's school site.
  • All schools must register on the Joy of Tournaments website in order to legitimately participate in this competition.
  • Legislation will be posted as full-text documents on the PBCFL website
  • Registration: Cafeteria
  • Judge Lounge: Media Center
  • Judge Workshop: TBD
  • Tab Room: TBD
  • You may register as many congress students as your team wishes to enter.
  • You may only enter 4 students per chamber. (The PBCFL reserves the right to collapse houses and modify this rule when necessary.)
  • Once registration closes, houses may be balanced and your students may be moved to another chamber. All efforts will be made to keep the same group of students together.
  • No changes will be made after the drop deadline to accommodate students left alone in a house ... please plan accordingly.
  • Coaches must designate presiding officer candidates in advance of the tournament, who will potentially preside over novice chambers. League officers reserve the right to designate POs for novice chambers from the designees. There is no guarantee PO candidates will be used to preside over novice chambers. Coaches do not neet to designate POs to preside in varsity chambers.
  • There will be no adds after registration closes.
  • Double-check your registration. No student will be added to the tournament on the morning of the tournament.
  • Register ALL Observers - you are limited to 8 observers maximum.
  • There is no cost for observers; however, all observers will be dressed as a competitor and will wear a nametag that you will supply. The nametag must have the student name, the school name and the coach name displayed clearly.
  • There will be a FREE judge-training workshop held at this tournament.
  • The training will be held from 9:00-12:00.
  • Register all judge training participants on the JOT website.
  • Judge trainees do NOT count toward your judge quota requirement
  • If you wish for your judge trainee to have lunch, you will be required to include it with your meal registration.
No contestant or student observer shall enter or remain in a contest room without an adult judge present.

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