2019 PBCFL #5 @ Martin County
Dates: 1/19/2019

Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League Tournament Invitation

DATE: Saturday, January 19

HOST SCHOOL: Martin County High School, 2801 South Kanner Highway, Stuart, 34994

HOST COACH: Richard LoSardo, (772) 486-4471 (cell), losardr@martin.k12.fl.us

Tuesday, January 15, is the last day for registering students and entering meals. At this time, schools are responsible for the $7 meal fee.
Wednesday, January 16, at 4 p.m. is the last opportunity to drop students before the website shuts down. At this time, schools are responsible for the $8 entry fee, the $7 meal fee, and a $10 drop fee ($25 total per student).


  • This is a varsity and novice tournament.
  • Any student, varsity or novice, will be allowed to compete in Declamation, Dramatic Performance, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous, Informative Speaking, Oral Interpretation, Original Oratory, Program Oral Interpretation, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, Congressional Debate, World Schools Debate, and Policy Debate (pending enough entries).
  • Novice students will be allowed to compete in Novice Dramatic Performance and Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate.
  • A "novice" is considered any student who is in their first year of debate competition. 
  • Students may double-enter in two speech/interp events for an additional $8.
  • LD will be able to compete using the January-February topic (announced on December 1).
  • PFD will be able to compete using the January topic (announced on December 1).
  • WSD prepared motions will be announced by December 1.
  • This tournament is a "CLOSED CAMPUS". No student may leave campus at any time. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament as well as disciplinary action upon returning to the student's school site.
  • All schools must register on the Joy of Tournaments website in order to legitimately participate in this competition.
  • Legislation will be posted as full-text on the PBCFL site (www.pbcfl.net), through a hyperlink from the JOT site.

Script information MUST be entered for all interpers - ISBN/URL, Author(s), Title(s)

NEW COACHES should plan on judging the morning of January 19 (choose an event group!).


  • You may register 8 entries/teams in each event, with the exception of Student Congress where you may register 20 students, and all novice categories, where you may register 12 entries per event. Schools may enter a maximum of two three-person World Schools Debate teams.
  • You may only enter 4 students per chamber. (The PBCFL reserves the right to collapse houses and modify this rule when necessary.)
  • Once registration closes, houses may be balanced and students may be shifted to another chamber. All efforts will be made to keep the same group of students together.
  • No changes will be made after the Wednesday 4 p.m. drop deadline ... please plan accordingly.
  • Double-check your registration. No student will be added to the tournament on the morning of the tournament.


  • Register ALL Observers - you are limited to 8 observers maximum.
  • There is no cost for observers; however, all observers will be dressed as a competitor and will wear a nametag that you will supply. The nametag must have the student name, the school name and the coach name displayed clearly.

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