2019 PBCFL #6 @ Santaluces
Dates: 2/16/2019

Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League  Guidelines for Behavior

The purpose of the PBCFL behavior guidelines is to ensure that all students maintain a level of professionalism and decorum in accordance with forensics, league activities, and school events.  Since speech and debate tournaments are school-sponsored events, all school rules and regulations apply. Any infraction of these rules will result in consequences outlined by the student handbook. Additionally, the locations of our competitions are on school campuses and, therefore, all areas and materials must be respected and maintained accordingly.  The following guidelines are to be adhered to by both competitors and observers.

1.         No plagiarism (as outlined in PBCFL guidelines)
2.         Students must have a copy of their piece with the ISBN information on them
3.         Cell phones, game boys or PDA’s may not be used in any round or sessions
4.         No sleeping during competition
5.         Students should be on task during competition rounds and sessions 
(ex. using cell phone, brushing hair, playing games, etc. are not acceptable)
6.         No gum, food or drinks (other than water) in competition areas
7.         You may not leave the round/session for any reason other than an emergency (A student may not leave to socialize, make phone calls, etc.)
8.         “Visiting” other rooms during competition is prohibited
9.         No unnecessary talking or socializing during competition or awards ceremony
10.       Adhere to “one clap” rule during the awards ceremony
11.       No outbursts, inappropriate or offensive comments/remarks about competition, schools, 
coaches or judges during the tournament at any time.
12.       Students should not be at the check in table during morning registration; coaches or designated school representative only at check in 
13.       Students should be picked up or leave promptly after the tournament
14.       Students must remain in one central location with coach or school designated adult when waiting to be picked up after tournament
15.       No profanity
16.       No excessive public displays of affection
17        Students MAY NOT leave the tournament site / campus during the tournament.  
18.       Each PBCFL tournament is a closed campus.  Leaving for any reason (lunch, etc.) during the course of the tournament day will result in disqualification from the tournament and consequences at their respective schools.  Remember that local PBCFL tournaments are considered a school function - all school rules still apply.

I agree to adhere to the behavior guidelines of the Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League.  I understand that if I am in violation of the guidelines, I will not be allowed to participate in competition.

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