2019 PBCFL #6 @ Santaluces
Dates: 2/16/2019

Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League - Suggested Guidelines for Competition Attire

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that all students maintain a level of professionalism and decorum in accordance with forensics and league activities. Attire at forensics tournaments should be professional, such as that which is appropriate in a business setting or for an interview.  Dress should be tasteful and conservative, and it should not detract from the student’s performance.

The following suggestions are to be adhered to by both competitors and observers.

Student Attire:

1. Collared, button down dress shirt (short sleeves or long) is to be worn

2. Shirts or blouses should not be sheer or low cut (no cleavage or bra should be visible) 

3. Tie (with regular collared shirt)

4. Shirts must be tucked in

5. No halter or spaghetti strap or strapless tops

6. No bare-midriffs

7. No shirts or slacks that are too tight or too revealing

8. No mini skirts (must be at least 2 inches above knee or longer)

9. Pants must be worn at waist level with a belt

10. Dress slacks or khakis are acceptable

11. No jeans

12. Skirts with blouses, suits with slacks or skirts, or dresses are acceptable

13. Pants and skirts must be worn at waist 

14. Pantyhose are optional but encouraged

15. Dark socks are to be worn

16. Shoes should be professional; dress shoes or loafers are acceptable. No flip flops, tennis shoes, sandals, spiked heels, or stilettos

17. No baseball caps or hats of any kind

18. Accessories should be professional and should not distract from performance (ex. bracelets that make noise, large hoop or dangling earrings, oversize belt buckles)

I agree to adhere to the dress guidelines of the Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League.  I understand that if I am in violation of the guidelines, I will not be allowed to participate in competition.

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